As They Come and Go


Ex-alumni Decide to take some time off, where they travel and meet new cultures and live a different life where they get to change the ways they see things, where they get to learn and grow as a human being.

Federico Jaramillo, Discoverer Staff Writer

Leaving their homes, traveling around the globe, learning new ways of living and experimenting with a new world, some 2018 seniors from TCS took this choice to relax, learn and confront new challenges.

For their first semester after graduating in the 2018 summer, graduates decided to travel to Europe, where they learned new languages and lived a unique experience with friends and meeting new people. Crafting goals for their lives changing their routines and learning to be independent people.  

“I decided to take this semester off was because I had the chance to travel anywhere I wanted to and I took that opportunity to make my french perfect and at the same time to travel to know the world, I wanted to grow up as a person and to be more individual not having the need to rely on others,” Daniel Posada graduate from TCS 2018, said.

Taking the semester off helped the graduates reflect on their lives and on what they wanted to do, well they are not always decided on what they want to study or what they chose to study is just too hard and they just want to relax. It would make sense to take six months off after studying for 14 constant years in the same place living in the same household with a similar routine.

“I decided to take the semester off now that the career that I am going to study is a very challenging career and one that I will learn for my entire life, so I decided I was going to take some time off and learn a new language, now I am Trilingual speaking English, Spanish and French,” Camila Velez 2018 senior, said.

The time they take off is not always fun well the graduates grow apart from their family and their culture, now that they are living somewhere else. It would not be the same talking on the phone with family members as it would be staying together. Living somewhere else makes everything very different, the culture they would start to live in becomes very different from their own house, food, people, and the climate become different factors in life.

“The things I missed the most were my family and my friends, the Colombian food To be honest most of the things here are different even the parties, in Colombia the clubs the music is great compared to France, now that the music is very different and we would need to get very drunk to have a good time,” Posada, said.