TCS Alum Fights Global Poverty


TCS 11th grade student visits The Borgen Project initiative webpage on May 17.

Amidst the daily news reports of escalating poverty in every corner of the world, it is impossible to ignore the sight of people of all ages struggling to afford basic necessities like food and water. While millions are deeply concerned by this issue, very few are moved to take action. However, The Borgen Project offers an extensive platform for effecting change for people who seek to make a tangible difference,. Through the Borgen Project, concerned citizens can become agents of change, working towards a world in which everyone has access to the basic resources they need to thrive.

The Borgen Project, is a US non-profit organization committed to fight global poverty and advocate for US foreign policy to prioritize poverty reduction efforts worldwide.

Sebastian Garcés is a TCS alumnus studying at the IE University in Madrid, Spain. He heard about the project and is currently working with the Borgen project thanks to his university which connects students to help as interns in a variety of global sustainability projects. He has always wanted to make a big difference regarding major problems like world hunger or poverty, and with The Borgen Project, he now has the chance.

“I saw The Borgen Project as a channel for me to help people around the world and spread awareness,” Sebastian Garcés, TCS alumni, said.

 Sebastian Garcés´s and The Borgen Project

The process of applying for the role involves sending a CV  and then pieces of personal creative writing for the organization to evaluate writing skills. After this, if the organization likes what they read, applicants must write a simulated article as if they were already working for Borgen. Even though each month  only 5% of applicants worldwide are selected, Garces got accepted.

“I had to research about a topic that I chose and then write as if my article was going to be published. It was a big challenge but I felt proud of what I sent,” Garces said.

One of Garcés’ responsibilities of the internship is to oversee and carry out an individual fundraising initiative. As an advocacy organization, donations to The Borgen Project go towards public awareness campaigns that teach individuals to take action and effectively amplify the voices of the world’s poor.

“I am currently working as an intern with the writer/journalist role. I decided to join this project because I have lots of free time and one of my passions is to help people,” Garcés said.

 What is The Borgen Project 

The organization was founded by Clint Borgen, who, while volunteering in refugee camps in Kosovo in 1999, recognized the pressing need for the United States to focus on assisting foreign countries in their fight against poverty.

“Great organization that mobilizes people and educates globally about how everyday people can make a difference in reducing global poverty. I greatly enjoyed my time as a volunteer for The Borgen Project, learning about how I could make a difference to fight global poverty through journalism and lobbying members of Congress to take action!” John Max, the former intern of the project, said.

After serving as an intern for the United Nations, Borgen established The Borgen Project, which has since become a leading force in the fight against poverty, raising awareness and mobilizing resources to effect change at the national and international levels.

“My experience with the Borgen Project was very meaningful. The managers are very understanding. You feel that you are growing during the internship. It is the most wonderful experience I lived it. Thanks to the Borgen Project,” Anonymous Former intern of The Borgen Project, said.

Why is The Borgen Project important

Currently, the Borgen Project has seen a number of accomplishments in its attempts to eliminate poverty. For example, the group has aided in the acquisition of $5 billion USD in funds for global poverty-reduction initiatives. The money has been raised with events and fundraisers which the interns themselves create and promote. Garcés himself has a fundraising campaign that has raised $365 USD as of now and is planning on raising $500 USD. This financing has been used to support programs such as the Global Food Security Act, which assists individuals suffering from hunger all around the world. The Borgen Project has also tried to boost funding for foreign development programs aimed at increasing access to education and healthcare.

Furthermore, the Borgen Project has successfully lobbied for legislation that assist refugees and internally displaced communities. The group has sought to raise funds for the International Disaster Assistance program, which aids victims of natural disasters and wars. It has also provided assistance to promote workforce expansion and economic development in low-income countries. These efforts have helped to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life for people in need around the world.

“I’ve heard all about the Borgen project and I believe is the beginning of the end regarding global poverty because of their plans and past accomplishments. I think more people should know about it and should participate in this revolutionary solution. I am also happy that Sebastian Garcés is working with this project because I know he is a great human being that is able to create a brighter future for everybody,” Julian Zuñiga, TCS Engineering and Programming Teacher, said.

“The Borgen Project has quickly become an influential ally for the world’s poor and given a voice to those born into extreme poverty. As a member of The Borgen Project’s Board of Directors, I’m honored to be part of this innovative organization. I congratulate the thousands of volunteers who’ve joined forces in building The Borgen Project into what it is today,” Congressman, Adam Smith, said.