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Columbus and The Columbus School

Columbus and The Columbus School

Gregorio Londoño, 2012 Alumnus April 21, 2021

A couple of months after graduation – late 2012 – I began wondering about the school’s name, about the meaning it could embrace. Who was Cristopher Columbus? And what did that had to do with who...

In the Blink of an Eye

In the Blink of an Eye

Isabel Arias P, 2019 Alumnus April 11, 2021

There is a pretty famous phrase that adults say all the time “Appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had,” making children aware of the ephemeral. I’ve always considered myself a...

Expect The Unexpected

Expect The Unexpected

Eliana López, 2019 Alumnus April 10, 2021

Senior year of high school often brings chaos and uncertainty for many students in the face of a sudden, and I might say, the overwhelming abrupt start of the rest of our lives. The choices we make seem...

To Serve as a Leader

To Serve as a Leader

Ricardo Jaramillo , 2017 Alumnus February 7, 2021

At school, there were times when I didn´t feel like I had a bright future, a future where I felt fulfilled. I didn´t have much to look forward to, I couldn´t find my purpose, and you know what? That...

The Closing Doors

The Closing Doors

Sofia Mora , 2017 Alumnus February 2, 2021

For a long time now, I have strongly believed that leading a healthy life ultimately lies in the way we nourish our mind and body. This is why it became my dream to have my own place through which I could...

Students return to NYU Abu Dhabi’s campus in September to begin a new semester at their dorms. Biosecurity protocols are strictly managed to assure the correct process of the move-in week.

Alumni Begin a New Semester in the Middle East

Agustin Alzate, Discoverer Staff Writer October 2, 2020

The plans of TCS alumni beginning the 2020 fall semester in the Middle East have been affected. Time zone, virtual learning, and socialization have complicated the start of their new term. Graduates...

The TCS graduating class of 2019 makes its grand senior entrance on Halloween day. In 2018, when coronavirus had not yet changed the world, the seniors partied away surrounded by clouds of red and yellow, honoring one of the school’s oldest traditions. “I really hope we somehow get to have that experience,” Paula Velásquez, 2020 senior, said.

Trick or Quarantine

Andrea Pérez, Discoverer staff writter October 1, 2020

Students fear for the fate of their beloved Halloween celebration, which is approaching in the midst of the pandemic, but school directives are not planning on canceling the event. Halloween, celebrated...

The Actors of Amigo de Nadie acting out the scene where Julian (Juan Pablo Urrego) is at his friend’s graduation party. There he is presenting his girlfriend to his best friend.

Alumni’s Book Adapted to Movie

Emiliana Alvarez, Discoverer Staff Writer January 24, 2020

Para Matar un Amigo, a book written by Simon Ospina TCS Class of '98 and  writer Juan Jose Gaviria was recently transformed into a movie, Amigo de Nadie, directed by Luis Alberto Restrepo. The book,...

Federico Prussman, Class of ‘69, tours the TCS campus with old friends from school.

Class of ‘69 Returns to TCS

Tomás Díez, Discoverer Staff Writer January 21, 2020

The TCS Class of ‘69 toured the campus on September the 23rd, as part of their 50th year reunion celebration. The tour was organized by TCS Marketing Director Astrid Muñoz, with eight alumni from...

Song cover of Antonias hit single

2019 TCS Graduate Releases Hit Single “Pago yo”

Nicolas Mejia, Discoverer Staff Writer November 29, 2019

TCS graduate Antonia Velasquez, Class `19, better known by her artistic name Antonia Jones,  made her dream come true by releasing her first song, “Pago yo” on October 24th.  Her song is out in...

Eliana Lopez in her campaign with former president Alvaro Uribe and Alfredo Ramos candidate to majorship.

TCS Alumnus Eliana Lopez Wins Election

Tomás Díez, Discoverer Staff Writer November 25, 2019

Eliana Lopez, Class of ‘19, was elected to represent Comuna 14/El Poblado in last month's elections for JAL, Junta Administrativa Local. Lopez ran against 22 other candidates which she came forth...

Andrea Ochoa and Emilio Mora

What Are We Really Learning at School?

Andrea Ochoa and Emilio Mora Serani May 20, 2019

As high school students, sitting in a classroom, looking at the whiteboard, listening to a long lecture, we tend to ask ourselves, why do I need to know this? What’s the purpose? From an outside perspective,...

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