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Andrea Pérez, Culture Editor

Andrea Pérez is a member of the class of 2021. This is her first year in Journalism and she is a Section (Feature) Editor. Her first published article was titled “Trick or Quarantine.” Outside of Journalism Andrea enjoys writing, which has always been her biggest passion. In fact, she plans to study Creative Writing in college. She’s also a passionate advocate for social justice and attends community service outside of school. Andrea’s favorite quarantine finding is Amazon Prime, which has allowed her to watch some of her now-favorite shows such as How I Met Your Mother.

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Eleanor Vance, one of the four main characters, is pictured on the book cover along with Hill House. Shirley Jackson’s novel portrayed horror in a psychological rather than paranormal manner, and Eleanor’s mental degradation was a pivotal element in the story. “Jackson was the first author to understand that houses aren’t haunted – people are. All the most terrible specters are already there inside your head, just waiting for the cellar door of the subconscious to spring open.” said author Joe Hill.

The Haunting of Hill House: Fear at Its Finest

May 6, 2021

Horror stories have kept humans up at night fearing the shadows within the darkness for countless generations. In literature, the horror genre is commonly integrated with paranormal elements and characters...

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Zendaya, the protagonist, is pictured on the promotion poster wearing the show’s iconic eye makeup. Euphoria’s visual elements captivated viewers, but it was the show’s authenticity that truly caught the attention of people all around the world. “Adolescence is cruel, and sweetly naive, in ever-shifting combinations of the two. If there’s one thing Euphoria understands perfectly, it’s that,” said reviewer Rebecca Nicholson.

Euphoria: The Voice of Gen-Z

March 23, 2021

Teen drama series, often filled with ham-fisted writing, ridiculous plotlines, and subpar continuity, rule the school nights of teenagers all over the world. Between attractive vampires, rich upper east...

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The Unattainable Ideal of Beauty

The Unattainable Ideal of Beauty

February 14, 2021

Darling, you shall be born with a slender body, clear skin, and a flat stomach, but don’t forget to have a small nose, large breasts, and a thin yet curvy waist as well. Don’t go bare-faced onto the...

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Boy meets world characters Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric. The show captivates new generations as it did in the ’90s, and as reviewer Vanessa Jackson states “This show has gotten me through more emotional moments than I know how to handle. There always seemed to be something about these characters that just understood me.”

Boy Meets World: A ’90s Gem

November 19, 2020

Sitcoms, commonly described as comfort TV, are a great source of entertainment for many. However, some shows tend to be overlooked by the public. Boy Meets World, for instance, is a hidden 90’s treasure....

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The TCS graduating class of 2019 makes its grand senior entrance on Halloween day. In 2018, when coronavirus had not yet changed the world, the seniors partied away surrounded by clouds of red and yellow, honoring one of the school’s oldest traditions. “I really hope we somehow get to have that experience,” Paula Velásquez, 2020 senior, said.

Trick or Quarantine

October 1, 2020

Students fear for the fate of their beloved Halloween celebration, which is approaching in the midst of the pandemic, but school directives are not planning on canceling the event. Halloween, celebrated...

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