Boy Meets World: A ’90s Gem


Digital Spy

Boy meets world characters Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric. The show captivates new generations as it did in the ’90s, and as reviewer Vanessa Jackson states “This show has gotten me through more emotional moments than I know how to handle. There always seemed to be something about these characters that just understood me.”

Andrea Pérez, Culture Editor

Sitcoms, commonly described as comfort TV, are a great source of entertainment for many. However, some shows tend to be overlooked by the public. Boy Meets World, for instance, is a hidden 90’s treasure. The show chronicles the daily life lessons and coming of age events of Cory Matthews. It follows Cory and his friends and family through seven seasons, from his middle school days to his life in college. The series ended twenty years ago, but it will always be remembered and cherished by its viewers.

Boy Meets World is a definite must-watch, especially for teens. Growing up can be rough, and a show that makes you laugh and forget your problems yet also guides you through life in a relatable and realistic manner is just what young people need to smooth out the turbulent waters of adolescence. It also stands out from other coming-of-age shows because of its character relationships. The show displays some of the most profound and genuine bonds seen in television. Popular sitcoms such as Friends are entertaining for the public, but they portray life as if there was nothing more to it than laughter. It’s clear that the characters care for each other, but viewers only get to see superficial bonds that lack depth. In Boy Meets World, however, the friendship between Cory and Shawn displays two people who remain best friends through thick and thin, no matter where life happens to take them. Cory’s bond with his parents is just as sincere, as Amy and Alan Matthews love their children deeply and always strive to protect them and guide them through life, although they make mistakes like every other human being. They don’t sugar coat reality, a factor that constantly allows their kids to learn and grow. While there are numerous character bonds that deserve honorable mentions, the true essence of Boy Meets World is the relationship between Cory and Topanga. They meet as toddlers and stick together ever since, falling in love at an age in which they didn’t even know what it meant. Cory and Topanga exemplify the definition of soulmates and give magic to the show. Without a doubt, Boy Meets World has the most honest and authentic relationships.

Additionally, the show will never fail to make its audience laugh. It’s filled with inside jokes, genius comedic lines, and characters like Eric Matthews who undoubtedly send viewers into hysterics. While its humor is not as childish as classic Disney shows like Jessie or Good Luck Charlie, it doesn’t contain the same level of adult humor as sitcoms such as How I Met Your Mother. Boy Meets World has the perfect balance between the two, allowing both young and older audiences to enjoy the show. This comedic evenness is ideal for teenagers, who have just left their childhood behind and are beginning their journey towards adulthood. Adolescents are at an age in which simple childish humor bores them, and are attracted to more mature comedy that they can relate to. This is the type of humor Boy Meets World provides, without being overly explicit.

Finally, the realistic elements of the show are what make it stand out. Boy Meets World deals with topics such as sexism, abuse, sexual harassment, alcoholism, discrimination, abandonment, bullying, neglect, poverty, death, and grief, among others. The series emphasizes that life isn’t always simple, through portraying real issues that show adolescence as it truly is, unlike shows such as Girl Meets World. This show is Boy Meets World’s spinoff that chronicles Cory and Topanga’s teenage daughter’s life, which made mature topics taboo. Boy Meets World allows teenagers to learn about the world and themselves while reassuring them that it’s okay to struggle. Every episode contains an essential life lesson, a takeaway always so connected to reality, that every viewer can relate to it. It is the one show that doesn’t sugarcoat growing up, which is what makes it so phenomenal.

Boy Meets World should be on the top of your to-watch list, especially if you’re a teenager. Not only will it make you laugh, but it will also guide you through life and the hardships of adolescence in an entertaining and relatable way, always highlighting that, as Mr. Feeny said, the most important thing in life is to “believe in yourself, dream, try, and do good.”