Warriors Claim Victory at TCS Egresados Basketball Tournament


Warriors win Egresados Tournament on May 27

The Warriors emerged victorious at the TCS Egresados basketball tournament, defeating the Marymount teachers’ team; the final match took place on Saturday, May 27 at 10 AM. 

The Egresados tournament went from February to May 27. A tournament for both basketball and soccer players. Game schedules were flexible with both students and other teams having as a goal giving experience and a good time to the players.

“I think that for both basketball and soccer, the two best teams were the ones that reached the final.”  Edwin Vasquez, Tournament leader, said. 

The Warriors maintained a small-point advantage throughout the final game. They won by 11 points.

“The victory of the Warriors was totally deserved, they had a strong opponent who was the team from Marymount.” Tomas Galeano, 11 Grade, said.

The first group of the semi-finals was played by Hoops, a team of TCS graduates against the Warriors, a team of PE and basketball coaches. They were able to win by 6 points. The second group was MMB, a combination of teachers and parents of Marymount school against TCS teachers. Marymount School won by five points.

“About the teams, obviously due to their size, experience, and age, the best would be Marymount, warriors, and Hoops. It seems to me that hoops have a lot of talent,” Galeano said.

The tournament began with seven teams playing against each other to later make two groups classified by their performance. The participating teams were hoops, MMB, TCS teachers, Warriors, TCS Egresados, and two TCS high school teams. After organizing the groups, matches were played.

“I think the tournament went very well thanks to the help of Urbano in soccer, Yerson Gomez in basketball, and Fredy Badillo,” Vasquez said.

Both high school teams had a tough time in the tournament. Between teams, they only won one game. They had less experience and were smaller than the rest of the teams.

“Even though the results for our teams were not so good we got a lot of experience,” Augusto Leonardi, Grade 10, said.

The TCS Egresados tournaments started 10 years ago having for the last seven years as its leader Edwin Vasquez. The tournament is organized and funded by the TCS Graduated Department as well as Lina Restrepo who is in charge of the spaces and courts to play.

“Of the most important managers of the tournament are Lina Restrepo, Astrid, and Fredy Badillo. Thanks to them, the tournament can be held, lending us such great space and time to the graduates and the community of Columbus, ” Vasquez said.