Online Education Revolutionizing Teaching Methods


Alejandro Mc Ewen

Alejandro McEwen, Chief Copy Editor

Imagine getting a college degree from the comfort of your home. Online learning has grown in the last decade giving many people the opportunity to earn a degree online. Online education allows student more time, space, and money to students and will become one of the main ways to study.

For people without a lot of with a job, online education adapts to their schedule. As the Open Education Database says “Students can take online courses and even complete entire degrees while working, while in-between jobs, or while taking time to raise a family.” Some students have children or jobs that hold their time so they can’t be in a normal class schedule. They need a more flexible schedule for that at any time they can study. Online provides this ability for them and can help students in school to develop the skill they need for their carers. This is one of the main reasons students that have no time will study online.

Another advantage is that online learning is cheaper than formal education. As the University of Illinois tells us that with online learning students don’t have to pay a housing or transportation cost, which normally cost  $10,000 to $12,000 per year. This is a huge save and allows many people to be able to afford university like low-income families. This really helps people get out of poor paying jobs and become professional, which could help the economy grow. Online education is growing because it reduces costs for students that can’t afford to study in expensive universities.

Online learning also lets student move at their own speed without distractions. As Gabriel Vallejo, High School Student who has taken multiple online courses, says that he could move at his own pace without other students interrupt them. This is great because students that get the concept quickly can move on. While students that aren’t getting the subject can retake the class and learn the concept at their speed. This especially important because courses can be sure that every student knows everything in previous courses. This gives them the ability to teach what is required for the courses and not previous topics. Students getting out of school who think they could fly through university could think to go online and blaze through university. Online learning lets students take all the distraction out of the equation and learn at their pace.

Some could say that student needs a policing to put them in line and make them do their work. They argue that some students don’t have the self-discipline necessary to start working every day without a teacher putting them in line. Online learning is not the only future, schools probably will still exist because it is impossible to teach to read, write, and do arithmetic online. Schools will probably keep teaching basic skills to younger students and then they’ll be released to the online world. This will open the door to many students to study in the best way for them.

The future of online learning is bright with tons of possibilities and frontiers. It will probably grow to be one of the main options to choose for professional education because freedom and advantages it gives students. This will help more people become professionals.

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