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Emiliana Alvarez, Copy Editor

Emiliana Alvarez is a member of the class of 2022. This is her second year in Journalism and she is a Copy Editor. Her first published article was “MUN Valledupar Cancelled for TCS Students.” Aside from Journalism, Emiliana is a showjumper. She aspires to be a professional rider and hopefully, go to the Olympics. Finally, her favorite quarantine finding is learning how to play the piano.

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This is Canalla, a place to spend quality time with friends and family. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of creative food combinations.

Canalla: A Different Experience

May 6, 2021

Canalla restaurant is a creative Mediterranean tropical fusion cuisine that uses Colombian-grown ingredients and sustainable fishing from the pacific. It manages to have a large variety of exotic plates...

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Should You Be Concerned About Food Safety?

Should You Be Concerned About Food Safety?

March 14, 2021

People from all around the world have different dietary preferences. Some prefer going vegan, vegetarian, or pescetarian, while others are omnivores or carnivores. For all diets, unsafe food can have various...

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Social Media = Antisocial Individuals

Social Media = Antisocial Individuals

February 12, 2021

It is no secret that social media has been increasing its influence over our lives. Equally, pressures that come from these platforms have created a new socio-cultural group that applies to all who have...

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Students taking AP Human are learning to analyze and collect data using different methods of display and then create conclusions based on the evidence provided. They have learned to analyze charts like the one above. “ I always liked understanding maps, how the world works, and how everything is distributed,” Maria Jose Garces, junior, said.

Changes in AP Human Geography

October 2, 2020

AP Human Geography is now being taught by Brian Summers to the sophomores, juniors, and seniors after Kaylan Doyle, former AP Human teacher moved due to a new job offer. AP Human Geography, often known...

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In this photo, the students are listening to the teacher while she gives a lecture, but this leaves less space for group work or projects.

The Immutable Educational System

August 30, 2020

Roberto Nevilis, an Italian, was responsible for inventing homework in 1905. It was created as a punishment for his students, he thought it was a great way to make his students work more effectively. Since...

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The Actors of Amigo de Nadie acting out the scene where Julian (Juan Pablo Urrego) is at his friend’s graduation party. There he is presenting his girlfriend to his best friend.

Alumni’s Book Adapted to Movie

January 24, 2020

Para Matar un Amigo, a book written by Simon Ospina TCS Class of '98 and  writer Juan Jose Gaviria was recently transformed into a movie, Amigo de Nadie, directed by Luis Alberto Restrepo. The book,...

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This is the event room in Fundación Colegio Bilingue de Valledupar where the MUN will be taking place on. MUNs teach students about the world, and it also gives them confidence and leadership skills.

MUN Valledupar Cancelled for TCS Students

November 30, 2019

A group of middle and high school students were planning on going to a Model United Nations in Valledupar. However, it was cancelled due to the lack of students going. MUN Valledupar was supposed to...

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