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  • Metro cable systems are a lifeline for people, offering cost-effective and convenient urban transportation options, easing their daily commute, and saving them money compared to other modes of transport. With metro cable, people can effortlessly navigate their city, reach their destinations faster, and enjoy a stress-free, budget-friendly way to travel.

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    TCS Halloween through Senior’s lenses

  • During the mud slip and slide event, students enthusiastically express their affection for the schools rich traditions and thrilling activities, creating a vibrant atmosphere filled with school spirit and camaraderie

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  • Students and people have created creative fashion outfits during extracurricular activities and class time. Due to the recent globalization of trends, fashion takes a turn towards supporting sustainability and using recycled materials.

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  • Hernan Arango and Isabel Mejia, along with all the girls soccer team members, proudly wear the evil eye bracelet. These bracelets, gifted by the team captain during  Binationals, symbolize the unity within the team and highlight how its like a family.


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  • Garcia’s important and unique painting represents her essence in the colorful walls of the AP Art classroom.


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I do my best to keep my backpack really neat. I make sure to have all the school essentials in there to keep things smooth. Its loaded with my everyday stuff and some extras, just in case.


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  • Top Picks: High School Students Favorite Hoodies for Everyday Wear


    Top Picks: High School Students’ Favorite Hoodies for Everyday Wear

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The Columbus School News Portal

The Discoverer

The Columbus School News Portal

The Discoverer

Beauchamp Returns to Grade Nine Biology: Balancing Immaturity with Enthusiasm


Bill Beauchamp, a science educator with two decades of experience at TCS, returned to teaching grade nine biology, on top of AP biology, chemistry, and physics, making him the science teacher with the most subjects in his department.

Mr. Beauchamp expresses eagerness to teach grade nine biology once again after a hiatus of at least 15 years, recalling a previous positive experience instructing younger students. In comparison with the AP biology course, grade nine biology is less content heavy which allows him to bond with his students and work side by side with his colleague, science department teacher Ms. Brook.

“With grade nine students, it’s a bit different from the older grades in terms of there’s sometimes a little bit more immature, but that also makes it more fun. And so it’s enjoyable, getting to know them,” Beauchamp said.

Reflecting on the unique challenges of teaching ninth-grade students, Mr. Beauchamp highlighted the blend of youthful exuberance and occasional immaturity. By using a systematic approach, he can give more time to answering particular questions and issues, making sure that each student familiarizes with the basic ideas of biology. By doing this, he builds students’ self-assurance and sense of control over their educational process, laying the groundwork for their future studies related to science.

“This dynamic contributes to a lively classroom environment and allows for more extended class discussions,” Beauchamp said. “The slower pace of instruction in comparison to AP classes provides an opportunity for deeper engagement, fostering a stronger teacher-student connection.”

Even though Mr. Beauchamp enjoys teaching grade nine students again; it doesn’t overpower his favoritism towards AP biology. He appreciates the AP biology students’ motivation to learn since he can tell they want to be in his class. Furthermore, he emphasizes the range of exciting content and innovative information that Century 21 science can provide.

“I enjoyed teaching AP biology because all the students wanted to be there. It’s a very high level of interesting content. The 21st century is the century of biology in terms of scientific advancement with our advances in genetics, Gene Technology, and CRISPR,” Beauchamp said.

Mr. Beauchamp underscores the importance of cultural adaptability and a positive educational environment. He emphasizes the need for new teachers to be open to change within the school culture, and actively works to create inclusivity, valuing diverse perspectives within the school’s community.

“It’s a unique culture. And it can be difficult for some new teachers coming in that are not willing to adapt to the school culture. But once you understand what the students are like, what their social interactions are like, and what their sense of humor is, like. That’s kind of the reason I’ve stayed over 20 years, is I’ve gotten along with the Columbus school culture,” Beauchamp said.

Mr. Beauchamp explained that when it comes to teaching, grade nine biology and chemistry have something in common – they both encourage students to explore and ask questions about the world around them. However, there is a big difference, chemistry involves more math, while biology is more about observing the world.

“Grade nine biology and chemistry are both trying to use more of the inquiry cycles. So they’re, they’re similar in terms of we’re looking at phenomena. But chemistry is more mathematically based whereas biology is more observational,” Beauchamp said.

Mr. Beauchamp plans on staying at the school for many years, since his son Kenny currently attends first grade at TCS. He highlights that it is thrilling to see how well his 1st-grade son Kenny gets along with the high school students and how students accept him in class. Although Mr. Beauchamp isn’t planning on leaving, he can’t imagine being his son’s teacher in the future.