Preparations for COSMUN 2020 Moving Forward


Agustin Alzate Penagos

Antonio Lugo, Grade 11, enters the COSMUN website to research information on the event.

Agustin Alzate, Discoverer Staff Writer

While the preliminary planning stages for COSMUN 2020 are coming to an end, the event’s leaders are working arduously to make sure that the event will flourish in every way. 

The Secretariat, the Board of Presidents, the Logistics and Press teams have prepared the essential elements for COSMUN 2020, which will take place from April 21 to 24, in order to begin sending invitation letters to schools nationally and internationally in January.

“It is very important [to prepare] long before the event because that way [everyone will be less stressed], and the event itself can seem like a better experience for [everyone involved],” Santiago Restrepo, one of COSMUN’s presidents, said.

One of the most important arrangements is that of the sponsorships because of their monetary contributions. They also help to reduce costs, as most of them provide COSMUN with free products like those served in snacks or lunch menus.

“Sponsors help us by bringing up a delegation from a public school and help finance the participation of the students,” Juan Felipe Gaviria, COSMUN’s Secretary-General, said.

Due to the strenuous work involved in their creation, COSMUN’s presidents prepare the research guides before the end of the year. In addition, it helps the presidents establish the countries in their committees to begin accepting delegations from the schools invited.

“Sometimes working with the presidents can be a little bit hard because there are 36 presidents, so keeping them in line with the due dates can be complex. [It can] make them feel overwhelmed or pressured,” Gaviria said.

Even though COSMUN is still some time away, both the website and the Instagram profile have already been created by the press team in order to help prospective participants in getting to know the topics and the presidents. 

“We try to motivate students to think and create a culture where they know what they are working for. [We aim] to make them [feel] excited [about working], becoming good leaders [and] acquiring public speaking skills,” Gaviria said.