Columbus B Team Wins Copa Futbol Championship


The Columbus “B” Team celegrates with the trophy after defeating Colegio Aleman 2-1 in the Copa Columbus boys futbol finals April 8 at TCS.

The Columbus B Futbol Team defeated Colegio Aleman 2-1 in the Copa Columbus finals on the TCS main soccer field April 8.

Columbus B, who had been tied with Aleman for the majority of the game, scored the winning goal with less than 5 minutes remaining on the clock marking the difference between second place and champions. In a huge upset, the Columbus B team, made up of players 7th, 8th, and 9th graders, beat the Columbus A team in the semi-finals winning the penalty tie-breaker 3-2. The Colegio Aleman defeated The New School 5-1 in the other semi-final.

“We all feel really happy to win, because it was a very hard game, especially since we are all so much younger than the people we played against,” Luciano Restrepo, a Columbus B 8th grader, said.

The first round of Copa Columbus was organized in 2 groups of 4 teams made of Cumbres, San Ignacio, Aleman, Concejo Med, Theodoro Hertzl, New School and Columbus A and B. After a round robin stage, the first two teams of each group advanced to the semi-final.

“It was really tiring to have so many games because we only got half an hour to rest and then we had to play all over again,” Elias Pelaez, Columbus B player, said.

Copa Columbus was the first major competition this year for the team posing a big challenge for all players to perform in unison. After months of training, many were confident that their team would excel.

“It was a bit hard to work well together in the beginning because we were all nervous, but I knew that we had trained a lot, so beyond the nerves we were a really good team,” Samuel Zuñiga, Grade 9, said.

The knockout for the semi final was Columbus A vs Columbus B. After a tough match they ended up tied 1-1. The younger Columbus team defeated the tournament favorites in penalties 3-2.

“It was really good to see both Columbus teams facing each other. The result was very unexpected but I had a lot of faith in the B team, they have been showing a really good level,” Urbano Mesa, Columbus Futbol Coach, said.

The outcome of the semifinal was unexpected as the Columbus B team was years younger than Columbus A, had played less time together, and overall appeared to have slim chances of beating the older players.

“I never thought that the Columbus B team would win, I mean they were up against the seniors who have played together for years and years, so watching the game unravel in that way was unbelievable,” Amalia Agudelo, Grade 10, said.

After the results of the semifinals were done, Columbus B was just one game away from winning the Cup. The game was neck and neck with both teams having scored one goal, until Zuñiga scored the winning goal for Columbus B to capture the cup.

I’m really happy with the results of this year’s Copa Columbus, but I’m happier watching the younger kids playing this well. The Columbus School’s future is in safe hands,” Mesa said.