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Jenny prepares a taco during High School lunch time, on Monday, June 5.

Mexican Food Feud

June 12, 2017

As I explored The Columbus School’s cafeteria, I was immediately struck by a number of aromas from the various meals being served within that crowded glass building. The lunch options varied from Cuban...

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El delegado de Venezuela hace su intervención.

LEGAL: La amnistía en Estados Afectados por Conflictos Armados

April 4, 2017

Finalizando el primer tema, previamente discutido en el día uno, los delegados presentaron dos papeles de trabajo; el primero redactado por las delegaciones de Siria y Corea del Norte y el segundo por...

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Los delegados de LEGAl se preparan para debatir el primer tema del día.

LEGAL: Regulación de los medios de comunicación

April 3, 2017

Durante el primer día de COSMUN 2017, la comisión de LEGAL discutió las regulaciones internacionales de los diversos medios de comunicación en cada nación. Los diferentes posicionamientos frente...

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Girls from K4 through 1st grade help each other during skating practice last Wednesday, March 29.

The Skating and Gymnastics Boom

March 31, 2017

This year, skating and gymnastics have become the most popular after-school activities for TCS preschool and elementary school students.  These usually underrated sports, have now surpassed the number of...

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A city made of boxes created by K4 students, on display in The Columbus School’s Lower Elementary Coliseum.

[Photo] K4 City

December 12, 2016

A city made of boxes created by K4 students, on display in The Columbus School’s Lower Elementary Coliseum.

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K4  student Carmen Gonzalez uses crayons to color a butterfly as a class activity. The K4 student, developed her creativity and practiced simple skills that will allow her to have a better performance throughout her school experience.

Positive Discipline Is Introduced to K4 Students

October 24, 2016

Positive discipline is being implemented in K4 of The Columbus School this year in order to teach students how to deal with conflict from a young age. The Columbus School intends to implement Positive...

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