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The Other Side of Photoshop

The Other Side of Photoshop

May 13, 2020

“American elementary school girls who read magazines, 69% say that the pictures influence their concept of the ideal body shape. 47% say the pictures make them want to lose weight,” (National Eating...

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Team members Daniela Cataldo, Sofia Bayona, Nicolas Escobar, Juan Martin Echeverri, and Miguel Restrepo with their teacher Brian Summers.

10th-Grade Students Recognized in Global Social Leaders Competition

March 1, 2020

Global Social Leaders (GSL) recognized a team of five 10th-grade students due to the mental health initiative they’ve been creating as a project for history class.  This is the first time Brian Summers,...

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Makers from 2018 TOM working on their prototype for their needknowers. TOM is an annual event done by The Columbus School that helps people with disabilities to make their lives easier.

School Prepares for TOM 2019

September 27, 2019

TOM Colombia 2019 will be hosted by The Columbus School for the third year in a row from October 3rd to 5th. Tikkun Olam Makers is a project introduced by Hector Londoño in 2016. He discovered what...

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8th grade Boys basketball team during middle school Copa Columbus this school year. From left to right their names are: Pedro Gomez. Hugo Herrera, Matias Alzate, Tomas Jaramillo, Esteban Botero, Mateo Zarate and Emilio Franco

Basketball 8th graders passing to high school team

June 7, 2019

Eighth graders from the middle school basketball team will be passing to the high school team this next 2019-2020 school year. The 8th grade graduation is something that comes with many changes, passing...

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Isabela Murillo, senior of The Columbus School and captain of the girls basketball team playing against El Colegio Los cedros, in 2019 Copa Columbus.

12th Graders’ Last Copa Columbus.

May 16, 2019

Last Copa Columbus, which took place on April 5th-8th for the graduating seniors was a bittersweet ending for their long lasting scholastic athletic career Juana Pardo the sub-captain of the soccer...

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The Columbus School’s boys basketball team during the high school Copa Columbus finals against Salazar y Herrera.

Boys basketball Copa Columbus.

May 8, 2019

The High School boys basketball team has lost the finals at copa Columbus for the second time in a row. On April 8, the high school team lost the finals for a consecutive year to the same team, Salazar...

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Paulina Bernal, TCS Personera, giving her first speech to the schools’ community.

Paulina Bernal, Much More Than Just The School’s Personera

March 18, 2019

Students who are able to multitask aren’t rare at The Columbus school, but there is one that stands out. Personera Paulina Bernal, senior at TCS, works multiple jobs, something that most students aren’t...

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Is There Too Much Pressure On Women To Have The “Perfect” Body?

Is There Too Much Pressure On Women To Have The “Perfect” Body?

February 27, 2019

According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD), “Over 1,674,251.33 of American women suffer from anorexia and over 2,511,376.995 suffer from bulimia nervosa...

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Olivia, a restaurant that seems quite good to eat lunch at, but turns out to be overpriced and overrated.

Olivia, Is It Worth Your Money?

January 15, 2019

Eating is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Dining in a restaurant enhances this delight, since you can get a high-quality meal delivered right in front of you. In some occasions, however, that...

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Salome Beyer TCS Volleyball player during Binationals, jumping trying to stop a ball from passing to their side of the court.

Beyer Injured During Binationals

December 7, 2018

10th-grade volleyball player, Salome Beyer, is dealing with a sprained elbow and a torn ligament as the aftermath of the High School Binational Games, held at The Columbus School last month. Post binational...

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Girls volleyball team finishing a meeting in the library with a cheer.

New Selection System Challenges HS Girls Volleyball Players

November 26, 2018

A new system to select which girl’s volleyball team players will be competing in Binationals was implemented this year by coach, Anibal Betancur. Every year around Binationals, TCS coaches have a...

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During clinical rotations even though each student is given a different patient it is very important to communicate between fellow companions. Medical students are bound to know every treatment for each disease but sometimes the signs between diseases can be really similar, to be 100 percent sure that what they are giving the patient is correct sometimes they may need some elses opinion.

A Day in the Life of Medical Student

November 7, 2018

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