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Are Creative Careers Worth It?

Are Creative Careers Worth It?

February 16, 2021

“Across America, 45% of workers say they are either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their jobs. Only 20 % feel very passionate about their jobs. Meanwhile, 54 % believe they have reached a dead-end...

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One of the website’s most popular courses directed by well-known Spanish artist Alejandro Casanova. During this course, users are able to understand how to sketch out the basic proportions of the human head, as well as the different things to have in mind when using watercolor.

Domestika: The Solution to Quarantine’s Boredom

November 20, 2020

As the long days of lockdown passed and I waited for my ‘go-to’ YouTube video to load, an ad commercial started playing on my screen.  The bright red commercial advertised an artistic anatomy course....

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Nicolas Zarate, 12th grade STUCO candidate presents his proposals video during synchronous class time. Zarate created the video in order to share and explain some of his plans and proposals for the 12th grade STUCO representation.

12th And 11th Grade Elections In Times Of Covid

September 28, 2020

Due to TCS’ virtual reality and uncertain future on campus, both 11th grade and 12th grade STUCO winners feel more motivated to be part of the 2020-21 Student Council. Both candidates, Nicolas Zarate...

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