TCS delegates shine at MOSMUN


TCS MUN Delegates attend MOSMUN, at Montessori School March 17-19.

Ten students from the TCS MUN Club participated in MOSMUN at the Montessori School March 17-19 as an extracurricular activity based upon debating skills and world issues. 

Several delegates won awards based on their performance. Presidents of committees recognized delegates awarding best delegate, best speech, best opening speech among others. MUN is a model of the United Nations that is done in almost every school in Medellin.

“From 11th grade, Esteban Botero won best delegate. Isabel Acosta from ninth grade got best opening speech in Sochum, Santiago Lopez won best speech in GAC Imperio Frances and Joaquin Perez from ninth grade won best chair,” Luisa Ceballos, President of TCS MUN Club, said. 

Luisa Ceballos, who at the time was the president of the TCS MUN Club, had a big role in organizing the participation of the school’s delegation in MOSMUN. By doing so, she took certain steps in order for the students to be as successful as possible during the event. 

“We made slides for the rookie delegates to explain to them what is a delegate, what is that MUN, how do you debate, and we were in contact through WhatsApp where we helped the delegates with any doubts or questions they had,” Ceballos said. 

Additionally, presidents, such as Joaquin Perez, Grade 9, also had to prepare well themselves to be useful and helpful towards their delegates. This took into account gaining immense knowledge on the topic, giving them resources, and more.

“We did a 20-page guide, and individually helped each delegate as well as to do a virtual meeting with the delegates to see if they had any questions as well as doing mock debate to prepare for the event model,” Perez said. 

To be able to attend and be successful in these types of events, both presidents and delegates need to be able to speak freely and not doubt themselves in order to state their points correctly.

“I think the dedication, the dedication that they had attained attending this MUN because I think going to a MUN and talking publicly is not that easy, and then giving their opinions and studying about a delegation. It’s pretty hard and I was pretty proud of them,” Ceballos said. 

When the event began, it was time to put their preparation into action. This leads to the students from TCS utilizing their skills and hard work in order to perform adequately during the MUN.

“During the event, my nerves didn’t show because I felt quite comfortable. I felt I knew each delegate well, because as I previously said, I had helped each of them individually, so I felt good and excited,” Perez said. 

Nevertheless, the delegates at MOSMUN demonstrated many attributes in order to be successful. Even though not all were mentioned, they all made the effort to go not only to work but also have fun.

“And what makes our TCS MUN club delegation standout in other MUN’s is that we’re not a school but we’re a family,”  Ceballos said.