TCS Hosts First Post-Pandemic Event


Susana Uribe

TCS ride their bikes on the track during the Candle Day celebration. This was the first event held at TCS since the COVID pandemic began in early 2020.

Candle Day was the biggest event organized at TCS since the start of the pandemic, taking place on the 400-meter track on Saturday, December 4.

This event was assembled to reunite former and new TCS families following old traditions like Candle Night, Family Day and Bicycle Day. Similar to past years, the TCS Foundation teamed up with the school’s administration to make this experience comply with biosecurity protocols. 

“We tried to first walk before we could run, which made us take our first step into mixing different events by putting family first,” Ellen Yepes, TCS Business and Financial Manager, said.

During the event, there were many food trucks and a variety of handicraft vendors. These booths included entrepreneurship like Third Eye, Estro Shop (both jewelry brands), a gallery and many food chains like Chef Burger, Chicken Box, Helado Artesanal, Don Juan Paella, and Churros.

“We have a group in the administration that has many responsibilities, most of the team members in past years had to work and prepare for multiple events [making them experienced]. With the help of a [really] big group of people from the administration and the planning of this event that has taken weeks, it was possible to hire booths from past years as well as some new ones,” Yepes said.

There were several presentations to entertain the people including the girl’s cheerleader team from TCS that danced and cheered, while the acrobat’s team from Inder Envigado did tricks in gymnastic bars.

“With the help of both the TCS Foundation and Poly Deportivo we were able to hire and plan different groups to participate, but at the same time we were cautious not to saturate people with too many presentations,” Luis Fernando Arango, Event Presenter and PE Teacher, said.

Many families from elementary school brought blankets and had picnics on the field. They also brought soccer balls, frisbees and bicycles. Although it rained the night before, the weather was mostly sunny, but windy, for the event.

“We didn’t have a big expectation taking into account that the weather that has accompanied us the last few days [hadn’t been so preferable]. Even though we didn’t have very high expectations, we were pleasantly surprised that so many people came. We were expecting 900 to 1000 people and we were able to exceed the number,” Arango said. 

Los Kit de Luz (candle kits) were being sold as a way of fundraising money for the JKS scholarships, the goal was to sell 1000 kits. Because candle night happened in the morning, only 250 kits were bought.

“The kits we expected were not sold, and I think it is largely because the candles are not lit during the day and that was the tradition. The ideal thing for the Foundation’s income is to do it again at night; I think that people like this event more as it has traditionally been done,” Angela Botero, TCS Foundation Director, said.

Candle Day was expected to receive 1,000 guests on campus, it was a long shot taking into account there were low expectations since it was the biggest event after the pandemic.

“I expected Candle’s Day either to be a very successful event because of being the biggest event after the pandemic or being a total disappointment for all,” Camila Londoño, TCS Foundation Assistant, said. 

Due to the pandemic, many past events had to be postponed. Now coming back to school has been a safe and controlled space, which made it possible for Candle Day to happen, allowing the school community to be reunited once again in tradition.

“I have liked this event a lot because it has been able to reunite the TCS families again. I am excited to be back at the school and it makes me feel safe how the school administration was very cautious to stipulate the obligation to show vaccinated cards,” José Gaviria, father of student Sofia Gaviria, said.