Paulina Bernal, Much More Than Just The School’s Personera


Paulina Bernal, TCS Personera, giving her first speech to the schools’ community.

Maria Jose Puerta Botero, Discoverer Staff Writer

Students who are able to multitask aren’t rare at The Columbus school, but there is one that stands out. Personera Paulina Bernal, senior at TCS, works multiple jobs, something that most students aren’t aware of.

Bernal had undoubtedly been popular around the school for several years, but during her Personera campaign, she became even more. Bernal’s positive attitude won her the respect of her peers and the admiration of many students, and her easygoing, cheerful nature won her the hearts of the younger generations. Her love for the school made her a trustworthy figure, qualified to take on a leadership position. These values attracted lots of votes during her Personera campaign, which was her dream since she was a kid. What people don’t know is the fact Bernal has a lot more work on her plate other than being one of the most essential student representatives around the school.


Bernal is the co-captain of the girls high school volleyball team. “Volleyball has definitely interfered with the time I have, I could be arriving at my house at 4 pm, but I arrive at 5:30 because I stay in practice. It is something that I enjoy, but the fact I have two hours less to study makes it in some way a sacrifice,” Bernal said. The Personera has practiced volleyball from a young age, and not only does she loves the sport but she also cares deeply about her teammates.

This year, because of her senior status, she ran for a leadership position in the volleyball team, and, due to the respect and high esteem the team has of her, she got elected for the sub-captain position. Bernal didn’t hesitate to take on a greater load in order to help out her team, even knowing she already had Personera duties to manage.

School life

She is also the president of logistics in COSMUN, and the person in charge of organizing events for the senior class (Last first day, Halloween, Thanksgiving).“I’m part of a lot of planning committees at school which is based on planning different events. It is something that I enjoy, but handling all committees together can be difficult,” Bernal said.

The time and people management skills Bernal has to take on so many activities are impressive, plus, being the voice of the whole student body carries some weight; it is admirable how she does all those things and still has time to maintain a high academic performance and a social life. “Paulina is one of the most hardworking and determined students I have had, she is always looking for the interests of other and she is really good at completing any task that is gave to her,” Brian Summers, 10th grade history teacher, said.

Free time

“I literally need more hours in a day and more hours to sleep. I wake up at 4:30 in the morning to go to the gym, after that I come to school and have about three meetings per day, after school it’s volleyball and then homework,” Bernal said. A quote that perfectly describes Paulina’s life is, “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If it’s not, you will find an excuse.” Bernal does many things she loves, and no matter how hard it is to do them all, she always finds the time.

Her obligations do not affect the activities she does for fun and the availability she has for her friends or people seeking her help. Even though sometimes she may feel exhausted at the end, “Paulina makes time for everything: having free time, working, and even going to the gym. Her work and the amount of things she has to do, doesn’t affect her free time. Even though she is full of tasks all the time, she knows how to manage it,” Antonia Gaviria, Bernal’s best friend, said.