NHS elects 23-24 board

NHS elects 23-24 board

​​TCS National Honor Society elected the new chapter officers for the 23-24 school year on May 5.

The new NHS President is Eva Morales and Vice-president is Juana Wolff. Also elected were Secretary Sofia Gomez, Communicator Amelia Restrepo, and Treasurer Ambar Alvarez. 

“The process of being elected is not easy, the girls on the board are hardworking and deserve all the achievements they have.” Juliana Sarmiento, NHS Advisor, said. 

The election was held in the outdoor theater, where each representative delivered a speech explaining why they should be chosen. Then each NHS member filled out a form voting for their favorite candidates. 

“Even though I knew my speech by memory, word by word, I was nervous to talk in front of all members and the previous board. I wasn’t prepared to have all eyes on me,” Juana Wolff, Grade 11, said.

Last year’s President Maria Hinestroza passed down the duty to Morales, who will now preside over meetings, set agendas for the meetings, coordinate work, function as an intermediary, and lead the club in revising the National Constitution. Emiliana Villegas passed the role to Wolff to fulfill the duties of president as circumstances require

“Morales and Wolff are going to make an incredible team, their charisma, and enthusiasm for NHS will be shown next year,” Hinestroza said.

Helena Hoyos was last year’s Secretary, and now Gomez is in charge of keeping the minutes of the meetings, both of the business transacted and of the programs and activities. Also, all social hours must be approved by her. 

“I couldn’t think better hands to leave my spot, the position is tough, and it’s not for everyone, but I know that Gomez will fit in perfectly,” Hoyos said. 

Restrepo received Sofia Gamez’s legacy by being the new Communicator. Restrepo is in charge of controlling all media and marketing, such as the bulletin board, Instagram, and announcements. 

“All my characteristics are perfect for this position. I’m eager to work beside the rest of the board, we make a great team due to all of our positive characteristics,” Restrepo said. 

Mariana Mesa left the Treasurer position to Alvarez who will develop and maintain all financial records, manage the NHS account, purchase orders, and oversee all chapter fundraising activities.

“The board for next year is incredible and I’m excited to keep working for our TCS community besides all of them,” Sarmiento said.