Time to Get Back in Shape? Bodytech is the Star Choice !


The cardiovascular zone of the Bodytech establishment, located on San Lucas neighborhood. Members have access to machines such as bicycles, treadmills and ellipticals to exercise their cardiovascular system.

Sofia Nuñez, Social Media Editor

We are currently living in a fitness revolution, were gyms and health related industries have become a profitable business. However, consumers are not investing their money properly most of the time. Bodytech is an exceptional gym in Medellin and most of the cities in Colombia, offering flexible schedules, and outstanding services. 

Bodytech is favorable for customers that have a tendency to travel often, inside the country, and in nearby countries such as Peru and Chile. There are over 170 established gyms from this chain. This allows members to have access to any establishment they are closest to incase they are travelling. In comparison to the gym at Club Campestre, which many TCS students attend, there is only one of those gyms, there is none outside the city or outside the country, so if users are traveling they have to seek alternatives to get their workout done, possibly involving extra effort and money. In the other hand, Bodytech has a huge advantage, there is no need to leave working out a side just because you are traveling. Regardless of if you are on vacation, or working far from home, chances are, there will be a Bodytech gym nearby, highlighting the fact that you will not get extra charged. 

Schedules fit everyone, regardless if you study, work, or are simply disorganized with schedules. Bodytech opens at 4am and closes at 11pm on weekdays. Additionally, they include a variety of classes guided by professionals that occur throughout the day in a settled schedule, but if you can ́t make it to the classes you are able to freely create your own workout plan, at anytime in the day. Whereas, in Alma Fitness, another gym in Medellin,  they close at 8pm on weekdays, which is a complication for those who work or study at night. They also have a settled schedule for everything, so if you are caught in traffic, or have a sudden emergency and you can’t make it to the class you were scheduled in, you can no longer attend that day. This aspect of Bodytech is one of the strongest, opening 19 hours daily is undoubtedly valuable for its members because they have the liberty to work, study, etc, knowing that they have a gym that welcomes them from early in the morning until late at night. We all know traffic is uncontrollable, and unexpected things pop up, so being able to manage your time with no pressure and no necessity to meet a schedule is definitely a bonus. 

Aerobics, bodycombat, bodypump, bodyflow, boxing, spinning, crosstech, step, pilates, fit combat, yoga, and many more are all professional guided classes found at Bodytech. But if you don’t like group classes, don’t worry! There are all types of machines, spaces and tools to create your workout, the most enjoyable way. In comparison to Curves gym, you have to follow instructions given daily, following what is programmed for the day so if you dislike the class, there are no other alternatives. For many, the gym is considered therapy, and everybody enjoys it differently, this is why Bodytech fits everyone with their countless alternatives, a monotonous routine is avoided. There are spaces, machines, classes, and many other tools for all preferences. 

Unfortunately, the idea that Bodytech is very expensive is what keeps potential customers away, leaning them to new low cost gyms. However,the administration of bodytech was aware of this issue, and started offering different economic plans that benefit users, which include discounts for students and families as a whole. This makes the membership more affordable. Additionally, Bodytech recently opened a line of low cost gyms called Athletic, where you receive an amazing service inspired from the Bodytech chain, at a lower cost. 

Overall, bodytech is the star choice. The fascinating service, alternatives, schedules and economic help given will leave you over 100% satisfied, converting your exhausting workout sessions, into a personalized healthy and pleasant experience.