The Quechua 20l bag … is it really just a backpack ?


The 20L Quechua bag sitting in La Fe, Antioquia. The bag sustained a three day hike in the mountains of Antioquia with its unpredictable weather conditions.

Luciano Fernandez Puerta, Graphic Design Editor

The advanced new model by Swiss company Quechua, the Quechua 20L bag, comes in various colors, at a staggeringly low price, and with great comfort for heavy-duty use.

The Quechua backpack has more than 20  pockets to suit all your carrying needs. It has  three main compartments: an anti-theft pocket on the back, a main zipper in the middle, and two small pockets for easy access,  and within them, small meshed pockets to carry smaller items. In comparison to a bag like the Osprey 20L Tempest, which has a single compartment and very few smaller pockets for your trinkets, Quechua’s state-of-the-art bag shines. Other bags,  such as the 20L North Face bag, have two main compartments but still lack the small pockets that make the Quechua Bag so great. Overall, the Quechua Hiker 20L bag is the superior product in relation to getting your gear organized. Several pockets and compartments within the bag makes it great for a school bag, the mesh pockets make all the items you’re carrying visible , and the ability to operate your items by category instead of bunching them all in the main compartment really comes in handy.

The Quechua backpack has a 20L volume, which allows its users to  carry many items, but the mesh-stitched shoulder straps and pockets make it less durable than those of its competitors. The mesh pockets are weak and though they are great for small items, they tear easily. I’ve used my bag  for around a year now, and I’ve had to sew two pockets already. As far as distributing the weight through the spine does a great job, but if you are looking to carry rocks this is not the ideal bag for you. Conversely, the Osprey 20L Tempest does a great job in this area, despite it having only one  pocket. The wired stitching and the rubber inside are amazing for collecting all the heavy materials you need during your hike. In any sense, if you are the type of hiker that likes to carry mementos from your trips, the Osprey bag might be the right option for you. Nevertheless, the Quechua 20L is  perfect for transporting your main gadgets and to hike without fearing that pockets or other parts of the bag will tear.

The fact that the Quechua bag comes  in three colorways (light tan, military green, and midnight gray) makes it optimal for every personality. With the cushioned back and breathable straps, the bag is truly a premium product. As for the size, the bag is not bulky, making it perfect for everyday use, and for  your greatest adventures, too. When talking about ethics, hiking bags have a reputation of lacking in this area. Bags like the Osprey 20L and many of those in the 20Ll category don’t come in many colors, and stick to the dull  black and gray colors. If what you want is a backpack that will both look good and feel good, then you need to buy a Quechua 20L today. Unexpectedly, this bag, designed specifically for hiking, is also impeccable for the average urbanite.

What astounds me the most about the 20L Quechua bag is its  staggeringly low price: 30 dollars. It is nearly impossible to find a bag of this quality and in this category and that price point. Other 20L hiking bags, like the Osprey and the North Face, cost over 100 dollars. That is an obscene price for bag, and you should surely reconsider whether spending that much for a subpar bag is worth it, when a superior one (the Quechua bag) is available.  Overall, the Quechua bag at this price is an absolute steal. The benefits of buying the Quechua 20L don’t stop there. With your purchase, Quechua will give you a waterproof cover if you get yours early in the year. If you are skeptical to get into hiking  and outdoor activities, or are just looking for a reliable backpack, the 20L Quechua bag’s price is sterling.

Overall, the Quechua bag is the perfect product for anyone seeking to get into the hiking hobby. . It’s not just made for  hiking bag but for anyone looking for an exceptional bag. The Quechua 20L is the quintessential amalgamation of convenience, price, and amenity.