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  • America Cali Vs. Atletico Nacional in Pascual Guerrero Stadium in Cali, Bolivar


    Atlético Nacional Keeps Hopes of Qualification Still Alive

  • Medellin Vs. Nacional at Polideportivo Sur, in Envigado Antioquia


    Atlético Nacional Suffers a Devastating Defeat at the Hands of Independiente Medellín

  • Metro cable systems are a lifeline for people, offering cost-effective and convenient urban transportation options, easing their daily commute, and saving them money compared to other modes of transport. With metro cable, people can effortlessly navigate their city, reach their destinations faster, and enjoy a stress-free, budget-friendly way to travel.

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    Metro: Medellin’s National Merit surpasses the Capital’s infrastructure

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    TCS Halloween through Senior’s lenses

  • During the mud slip and slide event, students enthusiastically express their affection for the schools rich traditions and thrilling activities, creating a vibrant atmosphere filled with school spirit and camaraderie

    High School

    High School Halloween Through the Lens

  • Students and people have created creative fashion outfits during extracurricular activities and class time. Due to the recent globalization of trends, fashion takes a turn towards supporting sustainability and using recycled materials.

    High School

    The Makerspace: Unlocking a world of knowledge

  • Hernan Arango and Isabel Mejia, along with all the girls soccer team members, proudly wear the evil eye bracelet. These bracelets, gifted by the team captain during  Binationals, symbolize the unity within the team and highlight how its like a family.


    Jewelry and Personal Narratives: A Window to the Soul

  • Garcia’s important and unique painting represents her essence in the colorful walls of the AP Art classroom.


    The Significance of Art Through the Eyes of students

  • Mariana Mesa’s backpack. 

I do my best to keep my backpack really neat. I make sure to have all the school essentials in there to keep things smooth. Its loaded with my everyday stuff and some extras, just in case.


    A Peek Inside the Daily Essentials

  • Top Picks: High School Students Favorite Hoodies for Everyday Wear


    Top Picks: High School Students’ Favorite Hoodies for Everyday Wear

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The Columbus School News Portal

The Discoverer

The Columbus School News Portal

The Discoverer

The Last First Day of The First Chapter

TCS 2024 Seniors enter the school to celebrate their last first day. (TCS Instagram)

As the 2024 class comes to their senior year they participated in a TCS tradition, celebrating the last first day of this chapter of their lives.

The celebration took place on the first day of the 2023 -2024 school year. Among the guests were; parents, teachers, high school administrators and the superintendent. Multiple members of the community made significant remarks during the events about senior year. 

“What makes a difference on any journey is the people you are traveling with,” Dr. Ruth Allen, Superintendent, said.

Throughout the commencement speeches delivered, a common and resonant theme emerged—an endorsement of the 2024 senior class slogan, “Celebrate the road, treasure the memories.” Both Allen and Mr. Navarra, HS Principal, alluded to this motto during their interventions.

“I did really enjoy, yesterday I saw for the first time the slogan which if I don’t get it wrong is celebrate the journey treasure the memories,” Allen said.

The event featured three distinct moments. It began with the seniors entering the parking lot alongside their parents. This was followed by a series of speeches in front of the high school coliseum.

“I really enjoyed the event, it was a recognition of our effort and that of our families. I especially liked the movement in which we got to open the boxes and read the letters that our family members wrote,” Miguel Mena, Senior, said.

There was a snack session during which seniors and their families opened personalized gift boxes containing mementos and heartfelt letters from their loved ones. It took place after the ceremony was held.

Since I have worked at TCS this tradition has taken place. I love this event because it also serves as a personal satisfaction, to see the kids that I met in 9th grade grow, develop and learn becoming a role model to the community,” Gloria Vélez, painting teacher, said. 

The coordination of this event was a joint effort between the school administration and a group of mothers. This collaborative organization involved paying attention to every detail, ensuring that the 2024 class’s final first day proceeded as seamlessly as possible.

“Although I am not part of the planning committee I was very proud of the work they accomplished for our kids making sure that everything was perfect, from the preparation of the stage to making sure that every student had a letter from their loved ones,” Luz Victoria Vélez, mom of a senior student, said.