The Difficult Road to Medicine

Juan Esteban Puerta and Isabella Agudelo, 6th semester medicine students in CES university moments before a conference in CES.

Juan Esteban Puerta and Isabella Agudelo, 6th semester medicine students in CES university moments before a conference in CES.

Sofia Nuñez Guerrero, Discoverer staff writer

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According to, the most important  and essential characteristics for Medicine students are: interests in science and similar fields, capacity to relate with all types of people, have emotional intelligence and avoid feelings on the work field, perseverance, patience and teamwork skills. If you are thinking on studying medicine, you might want to look back at the list and reflect upon it.

Juan Esteban Puerta is a student that graduated from The Columbus School a  few years ago, and is currently studying medicine in CES university. Juan Esteban is living the “dream” that many seniors and high school students are pursuing right now, even though some have stress and anxiety, they believe medicine is what truly fits them.


Juan Esteban Puerta

Juan Esteban Puerta graduated from TCS in 2015, and was one of the few students able to pass the CES university exam. He had always shown huge passion for Medicine, and since he was young he believed this was his road to follow, “I never had any other ideas, I never wanted anything else… I had clear from a really young age the thing that I wanted the most was to be a doctor,” Puerta said. Juan Esteban takes full advantage of the opportunity he was given, even though he recognizes that this is a career that requires extreme responsibility.

He believes his biggest obstacle through all his university life has been failure, “Failure, cause in school you have some exams that you could not study and still pass but in university it’s not like that, you got exams where you study study and study very hard, and still, fail the exam,” Puerta said. But regardless of the downs that he has faced, his love for medicine overweights the heavy workload, he insists, “The best advice that I can give you is: love it, make sure you breath medicine you love medicine it’s not about how talented you are or how much memory you have it’s about loving it and  being able to work hard on it,” Puerta said.


Sofia Niño

Sofia Niño is a senior in The Columbus School. She is 7 months away from graduating and she looks forward to study medicine in CES university. Sofia’s dream started since she was a little kid, and medicine has also played a huge roll in her life and in her relatives,“I have always wanted to study medicine… im a total freak for medicine, also my mom has a very weird incurable disease and since I was old enough to be aware what it was I wanted to become a doctor to help people,” Niño said.

Sofia knows that medicine career requires dedication and is a full time job, she know that she can not relax if she actually wants to get into CES university in 2019. She trusts herself because her levels of passion are high and she is very determined, “Medicine is really hard, but rather than being just hard it has a lot to do with dedication and passion, you don’t have to be the best student but if you have the dedication and the passion necessary you can do medicine,” Niño said. Preparation has been a key tool for Sofia to classify to CES university, “I went to the CES seminar for three semesters, we took classes about medicine and pre med and we got our pre med degree, and currently to study for the exam we have weekly meetups,” Niño said.


Maria Jose Puerta

Maria Jose Puerta is an 11th grade student in The Columbus School. Having a mom that is a doctor, a dad that is a doctor and a brother that is currently studying medicine, she has been hardly influenced toward the field of medicine.

Medicine has been one of her strongest options for her university career,“What doctors do for people is really good, I want to help people and make a difference, I really like humanitarian subjects and I think the most humanitarian thingIi can do is be a doctor,” Maria Puerta said. Maria is fully conscious that this is not an easy career, but she is determined to work for what she really wants, and she trusts, this will be rewarding for her, “It’s gonna be really difficult, i’m gonna have my ups and downs but I have to fight through all of that, i’m gonna become more conscious of what is happening in the world with all the people and disease,” Maria Jose Puerta, said. She won’t allow anything to stop her and she is pursuing her dream without listening to people that say she cant, “I think if you want something you are gonna fight to get it,” Maria said.

Medicine requires full commitment, “If people are going to put their lives literally on your hands then you should be educated,”Niño said.