Tech 911 Rescues The Columbus School


Raquel Osorio Calle

Tech 911 window signs indicate whether there is technical problem in Columbus School classrooms. As they travel through the school the signs help notify the technology people when there is a problem.

Raquel Osorio Calle, Staff Writer

The Technology Department, led by Tech 911, responds to computer hardware and software problems that affect all students, teachers and staff at the Columbus School.

Tech 911 is part of technology department that are responsible for fixing technology in the entire school, from Lower Elementary to High School.

¨Tech 911 is part of the Technology Department, and is the place where all the problems concerning technology are reported,¨ Sandra Hernandez, Columbus School Director of Technology, said.

Tech 911 responds when a hardware or software problem is reported via email or phone. Their goal is to immediately try to fix the problem with the help of their team and equipment. 

¨They are usually responsible and take care of things. I send one email and that’s all it takes,¨ Brian Summers, 10th grade history teacher, said.

The TCS technology department is made up of many people including: Hector Londoño, Technology Coach, Nancy Velez; coordinator of Tech 911 , Sandra Hernandez; Coordinator of the Technology Department, John Vallejo, and Tech 911 service personnel, Christian, Juan Pablo, and the interns Kevin and Alejandro.

¨Tech 911, as well as the whole technology department must be available at every moment,¨ Sandra Hernandez, said.

Any problem, like the internet not responding properly, email which does not function well, PowerSchool or Schoology issues are also the responsibility of Tech 911 to fix. Team members work on their own, or with the help of the whole technology department. They go directly to classrooms identify any systemic problem and assist teachers and students alike.  

¨We are here to help the people who have any kind of technical difficulty, ¨ Nancy Velez, Tech 911 Coordinator said.