TCS Foundation in La Guajira


Alejandra Rueda, Discoverer Staff Writer

El Ropero campaign at TCS is benefiting  families with low income both here in Medellin and in La Guajira.

Throughout the year, Mary Luz Meza, TCS foundation manager has received used clothes at a campaign known as “El Ropero.” This time it will be different since the campaign will not only benefit families from Medellin. On February 12th  some clothing will be sent to La Guajira and the rest will be sold on campus at the school´s professional day.

The school community has showed a lot of support, since there has been a lot of donations not only of used clothes but of other items, donors do not need anymore. Volunteers have also contributed by organizing clothes in different categories and boxing the ones that will be sent to La Guajira. Important companies have also helped with donations.

“We have received donations from different companies such as Corona which gave us 800 pieces of tableware for the kids we are visiting, ” stated Mary Luz Meza, foundation administrator.

“El Ropero” has had very positive results. The campaign is normally promoted via Schoology, the foundation’s instagram page and the big cans situated around the school. The clothing that will be sold on campus on February 16th, will have a maximum price of five thousand pesos per piece, which is extremely cheap. The money is used for other campaigns or for benefiting other people.

“The school’s foundation practically lives with the money we make in el ropero and in other campaigns, we do two ropero’s because the money recollected is to pay kids scholarships,”  Meza added.

El Ropero is self sustainable and the foundation is counting with the TCS community for the next time this campaign is being done. 11th grade student Eliana Lopez, foundation’s volunteer encourages more students to participate on it.

“This time, we are combining the ropero campaign, with la guajira campaign; when fresh clothes comes in we sent it to la Guajira and the rest we leave it here to sell…Right now we have 85 boxes. Approximately 30 being of only of clothes and the rest are everyday stuff, we are hoping to get to 100 boxes and more participation of the school’s community,” stated TCS Junior and volunteer, Eliana Lopez.