Stranger Things: Is it really THAT good?

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Maria Antonia Aristizabal, Discoverer Staff Writer

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The Netflix series “Stranger Things” has been a big banger in the last two years. The media has fallen in love with a vague, sad and disappointing series, and as a consequence, everyone felt attracted with it as well, but because its popularity and not its actual content.

The first season of Stranger Things took place in the 1980s. The plot revolves around the troubling search for this missing kid, a weird company and a girl that appears out of nowhere.

The storyline, or lack thereof, makes it extremely hard to fall in love with the characters, except the cute ones. If you look at the background information in series like Game of Thrones, where you fall deeply in love with the characters and create a sort of  imaginary relationship, you’ll see that there is no connection between the characters and audience in this Netflix original.

The series has 5 main characters that are kids, two young adults, a mother and her love interest. Sadly you can only really go deep into three of these characters personal life, the mother, his son and Eleven. Although it is acclaimed by the public, there is just a lot more to know about the other main character’s life. It had too much talk for what it really was and season two didn’t make it any less superficial or disappointing.

The series has nine episodes in one season and eight in the other, which is shorter that the average TV series. Every episode is about 42 minutes long, which is average but given the length of the seasons, the series can be binged watch making it be a weekend thing, it doesn’t engage the viewers as much as it should.

Episodes are the same length as episodes in series like Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries but for the moment Stranger Things only has two seasons while PLL has seven seasons and TVD has eight.

The series is on its development which leaves us to believe that there might be more seasons, which could lead to an expansion to the character’s development. If they don’t prolong it too much and don’t let it get to the extent of Grey’s Anatomy, the series can avoid becoming repetitive.

The cast is new, fresh and exciting. The main characters are portrayed by: Millie Bobby Brown (as Eleven), Gaten Matarazzo (as Dustin), Finn Wolfheart (as Mike), Caleb McLaughlin (as Lucas) and Noah Schnapp (Will). They are all teenagers and have made this Netflix series a complete hit.

Unlike series like Westworld, that don’t have that big of a social media influence, the Netflix series has completely excelled in marketing by making their cast relatable and wantable, while the media doesn’t really know that much of Westworld, giving it less word and consequently making it less famous.

The cast is the best thing this TV series has and is what got it to the top. The five teens amuse the media everyday. Girls see Millie Bobby Brown and get inspired, and the other four guys are extremely adorable, keeping the media entertained therefore the series is mentioned frequently.

The character development was too broad and there was little to no development. Unlike in Avatar, we knew nothing about the limits of Eleven’s powers, which made the writers go too off track with everything the main character could do. Alongside the unexisting storyline, the character development is absolutely superficial and makes the fans of the online series not feel engaged enough.

In a nutshell, Stranger Things was disappointing and shallow. Everyone’s expectations were way too high, and for the most part it did not achieve these standards. People were just captivated with the nostalgia of the timestamp and did not focus on the lack of story development the series has.