Sano Vida Consciente, an Incentive for Healthy Living

Avocado toast made from nuts and seeds, with feta cheese, micro sprouts, mix of seeds and fresh tomatoes; with a few touches of beetroot hummus. One of the options at Shanti Cocina Vital, a participant restaurant in Sano Vida Consciente.

Avocado toast made from nuts and seeds, with feta cheese, micro sprouts, mix of seeds and fresh tomatoes; with a few touches of beetroot hummus. One of the options at Shanti Cocina Vital, a participant restaurant in Sano Vida Consciente.

Sofia Nuñez, Discoverer Staff Writer

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The gastronomic industry in Medellin has professionalized in the last few years, and according to the newspaper El Tiempo, about 10 events are hosted annually. Gastronomy has become an important factor for regional economy due to the increased demand of gastronomic experiences. The events hosted encourage people to visit  emerging restaurants, taste new flavors, and appreciate distinct cuisines. Sano Vida Consciente is an event hosted in Medellin from February 8, 2019 to February 28, 2019. 21 restaurants open their doors to offer a glance into healthy kitchen and a healthy lifestyle.

Sano Vida Consciente is an event that promotes healthy habits. The purpose is to encourage people to eat healthier food, making them conscious about what they decide to eat daily, and realizing how important it is to take care of ourselves. Sano differs from any other contest because its priority is the well being of consumers. The famous Burger Master that was hosted in Medellín consisted of 42 burger restaurants that served 42 different burgers, all with red meat. In the other hand, dishes concursating in Sano are mostly vegan, and animal protein is replaced by other sources, which not only helps the environment, but also contributes to our health because red meat is a rich source of saturated fats and favors the development of cancer. Every ingredient used in Sano dishes are carefully thought of. The food served is full of nutrients and vitamins that contribute to our immune system, and additionally it is delicious.

21 restaurants are participating in this event, each offering 2 different menu choices and one Hatsu tea of any flavor to accompany your meal. The meals vary in their characteristics to meet everyone’s preferences. Meals go from vegan options, to options that include animal protein, such as chicken or salmon. The innovation of uncommon plates with fresh and conscious foods will make you feel rejuvenated and vigorous. Ingredients used in Sano event are each key to your fulfilling gastronomic experience. In the Pizza Master hosted last year in Medellín 41 restaurants participated with 41 different pizzas, but the ingredients used in all pizzas were really similar, and there was a lack of innovation in presenting a distinguishable pizza. This is not a problem in Sano, were you can choose sweet or salty meals that differ in presentation, taste and ingredients. Arachass noodles, beetroot hummus, Chicken nugget breaded in quinoa, coconut and oatmeal and quinoa and beetroot burgers are just some of the few ingenious plates. The days when healthy kitchen was linked to boring meals with lack of flavor are over. Visiting Sano is going to be a wakeup call to how delicious and fun eating healthy can be.

Sano includes a nutrient filled meal and a Hatsu tea of your choice of flavor that is refreshing, delicious and healthy. During the time this event is hosted, the dish with the Hatsu has a cost of 15,000 COP. The price offered is really affordable. The Sushi Master and Pizza Master with tea had a cost of 18,000 COP, and the Burger Master with tea had a cost of 17,000 COP. This prices reflect that Sano is the cheapest contest of all yet. This event offers food at an affordable cost that is comfortable for consumers, and offers a full meal. It is a perfect option for lunch or dinner, that is exquisite and does not require you tons of money.

Even though this event that is beneficial to all of us in terms of prices, health and gastronomic experiences, one deficiency  is the fact that there is not enough advertisements or publicity of the event, and this prevents more people to know about it and attend. Social media is essential for the events to rise. Sushi Master, Pizza Master and Burger Master all had a hashtag to connect with the users that lived the experiences and like this people could explore different posts. Unfortunately, Sano does not have a hashtag, so it’s harder for users to connect. Additionally, the other events have from 19k to 58k more followers on instagram than Sano profile does. Social media has become an extremely important tool in the 21st century to generate publicity. The number of internet users has grown to low billions, and taking advantage of this tool is fundamental for the success of the event.

Despite the lack of popularity, Sano Vida Consciente deserves the attendance of every single person. The dishes will fulfill your desire of eating both fresh and yummy, and the best part is you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You will not regret visiting the participant restaurant at all. Leave behind your comfort food, it is time to explore!