New Elementary Cafeteria

Samuel Susaeta Martinez, Discoverer Staff Writer

The building of the new elementary cafeteria is scheduled for August 2020, emphasizing the expansion  TCS is trying to make and create more useful spaces for their students.

For many years the elementary cafeteria has had space and modernity issues. The Columbus School has a planner that has helped them since the year 2000 put priorities and an order on future projects. The elementary cafeteria has been on the mind of the TCS logistics boss for many many years and they have finally decided to push the project through.

“For every building we do at the school there is a different company that designs it and builds it but we do look that the design is modern and adequate for the school structure,” Juan Fernando Mesa, logistics boss at The Columbus School, said.

There is a specific process for choosing the company who will be in charge of the project and if it will or will not be developed.

“As I said before, we first invite about 7-8 companies to come and show us their ideas, designs, and budget for the project. After that, we take a decision on which we thought was the best overall idea, and pass it to the parents committee. They have the last call, if they vote on not doing the project, there’s nothing we can do and the project is cancelled,” Mesa said.

With the building of the new cafeteria, new challenges showed up, challenges that were in the minds of the logistics for many days until the logistics boss, Mesa came up with an new and innovative idea.

“We had to think a lot about this since the space, for the now present elementary cafeteria, wil be left with nothing, a space with no use. So I came up with an idea that it is placing it on the empty grass we have in front of the elementary administration (It can be seen on the pictures below),” Mesa said.

With every project, there comes complications, setbacks and upsets that make it more difficult for the TCS team to have everything in time but the team is very determined.

“We have a schedule that should let the new cafeteria to be running by august of 2020. There is a lot that could delay us, but we are doing our best to keep up with our schedule,” Mesa said.