Mundos: Ribs, Carnes y Vinos

One of the many ambiances the restaurant Mundos has to offer.

One of the many ambiances the restaurant Mundos has to offer.

Camilo Pastrana, Discoverer Feature Writer

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Medellín, the place of many worldwide known restaurants has it all, from different delicacies to astonishing ambiances and environments that make each restaurant unique. Due to the fact that Medellín includes a welcoming atmosphere in Rionegro and Llanogrande, it’s safe to say that it has the best restaurants in this area including Mundos: Ribs, Carnes y Vinos which has served some of the best steaks and poured you only the best wines for the past 15 years. The restaurant itself makes you feel at home while eating some of the best dishes in Medellín.

Mundos has an amazing location in front of Complex Llanogrande that gives us a rustic and comfortable environment for commensals to enjoy either lunch or dinner. Mundos is an old farm transformed into a restaurant where the ambiances of the spaces for you to eat vary from eating near a fountain with lawn and green settings, to inside rustic walls and decorations, making it a different experience everytime you go. The seating arrangement gives you the best of the two ambiances and is a great way of varying every time you go. This specific farm has something for everyone, including a big lawn for the little ones, and a wine cellar for the grown-ups. Not far away, is restaurant and social events venue Brasas Parrilla Bar that can be defined as Mundos’ competition when it comes to food. Having little green areas, less outside seatings and reduced parking spaces Brasas is nothing compared to what Mundos offers making it a non-worthy rival for the infrastructure and spaces of Mundos.

Regarding the food, this restaurant is perfect for carnivores and pasta enthusiasts; the food has some variety for you to choose from and guarantees to serve you the best of the best. This Certified Angus Beef restaurant has dishes from Roasted Brie, to House Pate; from Baby Back Ribs to exclusive cuts of Brangus and Brahman such as New York Steak, and Solomito Medallion; and to top it all: varenikes, involtinis, and long pasta. Even though the restaurant itself is completely different from other Certified Angus Beef restaurants around town, Mundos clearly lacks originality and uncommon dishes from the rest; its safe to say that 80% of the menu can be seen in Casablanca and even Brasas making it common nowadays. The other 20% is seen in the desserts, the wine menu and even some of the sauces that these courses come with however it should implement original dishes so that it has something fresh and original to offer.

Even though this traditional restaurant has been around since 2003 and the feedback has always been positive, some things they could improve upon, other than the simplicity of its menu, is the professional service it offers. From taking time to take your order, to serving the food sometimes unprofessionally late this restaurant should improve its waiters’ efficiency and make sure every table can be satisfied with the service. Since the restaurant was created in a farm some of the tables are inside what used to be living rooms and social areas making it hard for the commensal to be seen by the waiter which makes it unpleasant for people and frustrating for the waiters. Furthermore, El Che, one of the best-known restaurant in Medellin, was created inside an old house like Mundos; the only difference between this two is that El Che’s service is remarkable ensuring that your time will not be wasted.

Since Mundos was established it has only served you the classic and most delicious plates there are, but some things like the service and the way the seats are distributed could change so that it’s more a pleasant wait for the food and the waiters can see you at all times. This old-time favorite is one of the best choices in town for everyone and every occasion: a perfect place for business meetings to family time, genuinely this restaurant has it all.