Gyms to Unleash New Fitness Horizons


Looking for the perfect gym to start a fitness journey? The exploration of the top three gyms in the area is undertaken to determine which one may be the best fit.

With so many options to choose from, finding the best gym can be a challenging task. For individuals at any fitness level, finding the right gym can make a significant difference. Three popular gyms: Bodytech, Smartfit, and Power Club are examined to highlight their unique features and benefits. It is important to explore each gym thoroughly and decide which one is most suitable based on each person’s interests.

After conducting an in-depth analysis of each gym’s features, services, and reputation, we have come to a conclusion: Bodytech is the clear winner.

Smart Fit

Smart Fit has multiple branches, with the largest ones located in the most populated and commercial areas of the city. They can be found from Calle 10, known for its vibrant nightlife, to shopping centers. Smart Fit is a sleek and modern gym with an impressive range of high-quality equipment. From free weights and resistance machines to cardio machines and functional training tools, Smart Fit has everything you need to achieve your fitness goals.

The gym also offers a variety of group fitness classes, including yoga, spinning, and boot camp, that are suitable for everyone, regardless of their fitness level. The gym is roomy and has various cardio and strength-training equipment. They also have a space for functional training and offer classes such as Zumba, dance, and body combat. In comparison, both Bodytech and Power Club excel in providing exceptional personal trainers, catering to the needs of their members, unlike Smartfit who does not offer personal trainers, since the number of users greatly outnumbers the gym personnel.

“Personally, I really like Smart Fit installations because they have a very modern structure and everything you need. The only thing I don’t like is the amount of people that go to the gym. It’s frustrating that you end up spending more time waiting in line for the machines than actually using them. It can really be annoying for your workout routine,” Pedro Osorio, Smart Fit user, said.


On the other hand, Bodytech also has many locations, primarily concentrated in sector Poblado, although they also have branches in other parts of the city. Bodytech is a more traditional gym with a focus on weightlifting and bodybuilding. While the gym has a decent selection of equipment, it does not quite match the quality and variety offered by Smartfit.

However, the number of people who go to that gym is just right. It is not overcrowded, which means that gym users do not have to wait in line for machines and can enjoy a peaceful workout. The gym boasts state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, including an indoor track, turco and sauna. Additionally, they offer a wide range of classes, such as yoga, pilates, and spinning. Personal trainers are also available at Bodytech to provide training and guidance.

“I really love this gym, the attention and quality are perfect, and there are staff people around helping you even when not asked. It has really nice vibes, and there is never a peak hour where the gym overpopulates,” Sofia Hoyos, Bodytech user, said.

Power Club

Power Club has fewer gyms in the city but shines in its impeccable place and customer service. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to help members with their fitness needs. The gym is well-maintained, with plenty of features like towel service and shower facilities.

Power Club is a boutique gym that focuses on group functional classes. The gym offers a variety of exercises, chosen by them and varies by day. Most of the workouts are full-body with weights. Power Club has a community vibe and creates a fun and challenging atmosphere. The gym is divided into classes by hours, with an instructor and a limited quantity of people. The gym is arguably expensive, making it an exclusive option.

“I really like that the gym is a semi-personal training, I think the cost is worth it, for the people that are tired of the same gyms and want something different, this one is different because of its functional training,” Samuel Aristizabal, Grade 11, said.

For individuals who prefer a premium gym with extensive facilities and personal training services, Bodytech is the recommended choice. For individuals who are budget-conscious but still want access to high-quality equipment and a good range of classes, Smart Fit is a great option. For individuals who prioritize group functional classes and creating a sense of community, Power Club may be the preferred gym.

It is crucial to consider personal preferences and fitness goals before making a decision as all three gyms offer something unique. Finding a gym that motivates and supports individuals on their fitness journey is crucial.

In my personal opinion, I have tried the 3 gyms mentioned, and prefer Bodytech. I really like its exclusiveness and I like to train by myself deciding my own routine. I think the price is worth it, it is not cheap but not expensive. I like that I can ask for help with certain exercises but can do it at my own pace and decide how much time I want to spend at the gym. Furthermore, after a good workout, there’s nothing better than going into the sauna and relaxing for a while. There is also a nutrition store inside the gym where you can order protein and many other supplements.

To sum up, all three gyms have a wide range of equipment and facilities, as well as various classes such as yoga, pilates, boxing, and zumba. However, only Bodytech provides personal training services, with Power Club offering group personal training and Smartfit not having this option. When it comes to price, Power Club is the most expensive, followed by Bodytech, making Smart Fit the most affordable option.