Garmin Fenix 5x

Luciano Fernandez Puerta, Discoverer Staff Writer

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Nearly four years later, Garmin finally updated their main sport watch and fitness tracker device; the new Garmin Fenix 5x plus. Released by the American company this past November 12,  the claim is to revamp the previous model and target both the amateur and professional person interested in fitness and the a outdoors, as well as provide a quality watch for all environments and conditions.

The Garmin Fenix 5x Plus is a rugged watch fit for the rugged user, it’s quality aluminum with titanium shield enables this watch to fit all types of environments. Weighing 86 grams, the device feels sturdy and comfortable for everyday use. On the other hand, the previous model released on 2015 packs a brushed aluminum case but with a gorilla glass screen, which is lower in quality and durability in comparison to the new model’s screen. The older brother of the Fenix 5x plus, the Garmin Fenix 3hr is much heavier at a 90 gram weight, and larger in diameter than the new fitness tracker. Build wise, the screen on the 5x plus is  clearly a step in advance, the titanium and aluminum case will provide great protection if you like the outdoors and want a watch that can follow you anywhere without being afraid of scratches or weather.

Performance wise the Garmin Fenix 5x plus packs many more features than it’s prior model. The watch has flawless tracking abilities that count with features like : calories, steps,  and cadence performance from all types of sports: from yoga, to even standing paddle. The ability of seeing real time what you are doing makes this watch for the performer. In comparison with the older Fenix 3hr, the watch struggles to identify all sports, and while having a built in cadence monitor, using it activated at all times can affect battery drastically. Furthermore, does not count with the  tracking ability of the Fenix 5x plus, having only the ability to continuously track for five hours, while the newer model can do this for 19..For the more hardcore user or the fitness avid, the newer version is a flawless choice, The tracking abilities and the sport profiles it provides are excellent to partner your workout or adventure.

At release the Garmin Fenix five is  premium device and that is clearly reflected on it’s price: 3.5 million COP,  nevertheless, the price is more than equal or even arguably less than what the device offers. The new models price increases when selecting other versions of the 5x plus that come in other colorways or materials. Different form the predecessor the 3hr does not count with different variations of the product and comes as a single device listed for 1.5 million COP at release date, price that has dropped to currently cost 1 million COP, price that is lower than the new and might be considered as an advantage from the older. When it comes to price and considering the age of both devices the Garmin 3hr is clearly cheaper, nevertheless it’s still behind the new model in nearly all areas .

Overall the new Garmin 5x is an excellent device for the everyday heavy use. it has proper functioning, quality build, and a simple interface friendly to any beginner. Most importantly it counts with much better features as its predecessor and it’s a watch that can last you a long time, for the elevated price the fenix five still provides what a full fitness tracker expects and more. It’s an extension to your body, a premium device with the most solid build