Epidemic Binationals

This is the nursery where students have been going to treat this illness. It started when the binational kids arrived to school.

This is the nursery where students have been going to treat this illness. It started when the binational kids arrived to school.

Juan Camilo Salazar, Discoverer Staff Writer

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H1N1 is a virus spreading throughout the school. People ponder: how did it get to TCS? It all started in Middle school Binational games, in which 30 players were affected.

Constantly, there are students not only from Middle School but from the whole school that are absent to school. Well, this all started when the MS students came back and brought this vastly contagious influenza. Luis Fernando Rodriguez, MS football coach declared how the players got sick and how other people at school may be affected.

“Viruses of that type are aerobic, they spread in the air.This virus woke up when we got to school,  It is critical because it is immensely contagious, people can get sick only by the contact,” Rodriguez, MS soccer coach, said.

The fact this disease is so transmissible puts in danger the whole school community. This is why school prohibited any of its members to come if they had any kind of flue. This sickness has been a big challenge for the school for its ability to spread.

“When we arrived there were 7 students and two teachers infected. Now we are talking about 25 other people who got it transmitted,” Rodriguez said.

People who came to school with this virus spread it out. This had a great impact on the assistance not only of students but of teachers. In fact, teachers, and students were disabled for more than 8 days. This can be a big problem for the students to finish their tasks on time and this produces delay in the classes.

“I was absent for 2 weeks, it was one of the most horrifying experiences I’ve ever had. I was really sick and when I came back I had an enormous amount of work accumulated,”  Nicolás Arango, 6th-grade student, said.

This doesn’t only affect health-wise, but also academically. Students claimed this was one of the most overwhelming times of their lives. This is why the school was so preventive, sending emails to the families alarming them about this flue. Even Though the school informs everyone about this virus, it doesn’t stop from spreading.

“It was awful, I had pain in my bones, vomit, goosebumps, and a lot more things that didn’t allow me to stand up of my bed. The problem is that I am not the only one infected, there are like other 40 only from my year,” Arango said.