Crowded and noisy library

Lina Isaza, High school library assistant stressed because of the amount of noise in the library

Lina Isaza, High school library assistant stressed because of the amount of noise in the library

Jeronimo Posada, High School beat writer

What’s supposed to be a quiet and study place has become a noise and crowded area where nobody can concentrate.

The library has become a problem for the librarians and for the students. Each day of the week there’s a problem of noise, behavior and scheduling. A lot of high school teachers want the library some block of the day and this has become a problem for both librarians, Lina and Connie. This is because of the great amount people coming here every day. Lately there has been a lot of complains of students because of the amount of noise and the disorganization in this library.  

“ Sometimes it is really crowded because it’s really hard to handle everything; the place is not big for everybody to work in their own activity in a quiet place,” Connie Gonzales, High School librarian said.

Whenever there is a lot of bad behavior and the people at the library are disconcentrated Connie needs to take action and concur for disciplinaries problems.

“ When people come by themselves and have a bad behavior I use the discipline procedure the school has, so if we need to send falta grave or falta leve, that’s part of the process”, Gonzales stated.

Sometimes the students working there, feel frustrated and uncomfortable with the amount of noise there is and to decide put complains of these.

“ Students complain a lot when there is a lot of noise, and sometimes we need to tell them to put their headphones in because the place is really small to keep everybody organize and with no noise”, Gonzales explained.

There are a lot of classes coming into the library at the same time and this is what the librarians state as the biggest problem.

“ We don’t count with enough space for having more than one class in here, and there are a lot of different classes coming which has become a problem. Now with the new library we are going to have this space that we need,” said Lina Isaza, High School library assistant.

Isaza also explains that another big problem is that the school doesn’t have a silence culture, so all of the high school students arrive making a lot of noise.

“ In here there is not a silence culture, so all the kids arrive speaking loud, making noise, with the fuss of the previous classes. Sometimes we are not very conscious of the space we are in”, Isaza said.