Being Aware


Pedro Pablo Uribe, Discoverer Staff Writer

It is a common stereotype that school only works for academic purposes, what many people  don’t acknowledge is that the school system gives you many skills for the future such as being a  problem solver, critical thinker, having leadership skills and much more. From my own experience being able to be social, kind with everyone and being able to speak publicly are the most useful skills the school has been able to teach me. Majority of students are unconsciously working on the development of these skills, but my main question is how do homeschool students can master this skill? Many homeschooled students will end up being socially awkward in the future because they haven’t been exposed to things that you might do in a school such as doing a presentation, working with a group and much more. People that consider homeschooling as an option, end up growing up socially awkward, as a difference to students that experience a journey of unexpected situations during their school life.  

The truly and most important lesson learned from students during their school life is the development of their social skills. “Social skills are defined as communicating, understanding other people, acting according to social environments, making friends, displaying acceptable behaviours, expressing oneself, dealing with problems and establishing a good relationship with the environment,” Information taken from Gresham and Elliot, 1990; Guerrero and Jones, 2003; Marlowe, 1986; Yüksel, 2004.”Social skills, emotion control, different social environments, social acceptability, expressing yourself, resolving personal problems, creating relationships, are all part of school social development lesson as a student. “One of the most important learnings is the management of emotions learned through social adventures in school,” Andres Rendon, TCS High School counselor, said. As a student you will most likely experience lots of different scenarios facing an opportunity to grow.

What  do people who attend homeschool really miss? Being homeschool is an option that the minority prefers instead of attending a mainstream school. Notice that by attending homeschool you can have a very focused and specialized education, meanwhile you as a person socially will be only focusing on academic subjects. “Interviews were designed to measure differences in employment skill levels, unemployment rates, job satisfaction, arrests and convictions, welfare assistance, financial independence, income level, and other variables. Findings from this pilot study, though tentative, showed a slight but consistent trend toward more positive ratings for the applicants that went to school,” Homeschool students get used to be by themselves, and my point is, that school ́s most important lesson is social development. In addition, jobs these days look for socially capable people, leaders, innovators and more and in order to reach this goal, attending to any type of school could actually be more helpful than being homeschooled. Developing basic social skills during your school life is a goal set by every school, wanting their students to build a successful future for themselves.

On the other hand, students that have social difficulties tend to behave differently “In the children who lack social skills, we can observe behavioural disorders such as lack of confidence, failure at school, shyness, and violent conduct. Families and schools usually attribute the negative behaviours of a child to other factors and ignore children’s social and emotional problems. Actually, one of the most important reasons for these negative behaviours and failures is the lack of integration in a social group,” Samanci Osman, academic journalist, said. Experiences like this can ruin students’ lives no matter their age. Certainly knowing that not all cases have this result. It can be inferred that this problem can happen to any student. “Students with poor social emotional skills are more at risk of experiencing learning difficulties and engaging in such behaviours as anti-social behaviour, violence and criminality, and to leave school without any certification or vocational skills, with consequently poor employability opportunities” Information taken from  Bradley et ., 2008; Colman et al., 2009 .Most known cases of students lacking social skills is due because of rejection, and discrimination.


To summarize, my belief is that attending an academic institute gives you many unique skills that are going to help you in your future . Every student should feel comfortable and happy the way they live. Happiness is the base of everything here, and being sociable tends to be in relationship with students being happy. Practically, what I mean is, that students attending homeschool are committing a huge mistake because from school it can be said that the least important you end up with is the academic learning you actually learned. That what really matters, and what you really remember from school, are your friends and the special experiences you lived with them. “Mostly what you remember from school are your moments with your friends and the remarkable accomplishments happened,” Rendon, said.