A delegate’s day, run, run, run


Manuela Salazar

Historical Leaders Summit delegates debate the Cuban Missle Crisis.

Manuela Salazar, Discoverer Staff Writer

Nerves and anticipation flow through students’ veins as COSMUN debates begin inside committees. Students dress to impress, ready to discuss some of the world’s most pressing issues as the three-day event sets into motion.

Being in a Model United Nations is a thrilling and educational experience. It challenges participants to think critically, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively toward solving real-world issues on an international scale. Delegates spend the day researching, debating, and drafting resolutions, culminating a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

“COSMUN is all about learning, making new friends, debating, and having fun. Even though those three days are hectic, they are the best days of the year,” Manuela Isaza, Historical Leaders Summit Vice President, said.

Internal Delegates

Students from TCS are welcome at COSMUN every year. They put their debate skills to the test by representing the ideals of different countries and historical figures.

Officially, COSMUN lasts 3 days, but the delegates must undergo rigorous preparations in order to be ready for the big event.

“I begin prepping for COSMUN by making my portfolio, researching my country, and making sure I understand the topics my committee will be discussing,” Emiliana Gomez, Grade 11 delegate, said.

Once the event begins, delegates spend the day participating in debates and drafting resolutions. However, there is much more to COSMUN than just discourse.

“For me, COSMUN is more than just a debate about a topic. It is an opportunity. It is a place to network and meet new people, to develop new skills, and more importantly to grow as a person and as a member of the TCS community,” Gomez said.

MUN members engage in a range of activities throughout the model, and their hard work did not go unnoticed. By the end of the model, in the closing ceremony, delegates can receive awards like; best portfolio, best speaker, best delegate, and best rookie, among other awards.

Participating in COSMUN enables delegates to develop and refine their public-speaking skills, critical thinking, global perspective, and overall character.

International Delegates 

For the first time ever, COSMUN invited international delegates and sponsors from the Country Day School in Costa Rica. The Costarican delegation was accommodated in Novotel and was provided with transportation.

“I heard about COSMUN through a friend of mine that lives in Medellin, so I decided to come and check out the experience for myself,” Igancio Hitt, Country Day School delegate, said.

The day usually starts early, with the delegate reviewing their position papers and preparing for the day’s committee sessions. After breakfast, they head to TCS and arrive in the bus provided by the event. Once here, they begin committee works at 8:00 am, where they listen to speeches from keynote speakers and meet other delegates.

“The discussions in committees can become very heated and that can sometimes be very stressful, so it is always important to be sure that I know as much information about my topic and character to be prepared for any question or attack that comes my way,” Hitt said.

After the first block of committee work, delegates are released for their first break of the day. During the break, the press and logistics team prepare all sorts of fun activities and challenges, in which all delegates participate and have a chance of winning a sponsored gift.

“Once the day ends, we go to the hotel, relax and prepare for the second day to start. Even though COSMUN can be a really exhausting process, the feeling I get during the debates is truly exhilarating,” Hitt said.

External Delegates 

COSMUN is open to external students from local schools, including INEM, Marymount, and Vermont schools. In addition to schools from Medellín, Colegio Bolivar from Cali was also present.

The model for them begins by getting on a provided school bus in El Tesoro and arriving at their committees for their first day of committee work.

“I am very passionate about MUN because it is an opportunity to meet new people and get to know other schools. During my day, I learn loads of new information about historical topics through the debates and discussions,” Sara Mejia, Vermont delegate, said.

Despite the long hours and hard work, being a MUN delegate is a rewarding experience. As the first day of committee work begins, external students settle into their assigned spots and prepare to read their opening statements.

“So far, we have read all of our opening statements. A motion for debate to begin has passed, so we have spent the last couple of hours debating a solution for the Cuban Missile Crisis. Once the break is over we all get back to working hard until lunchtime begins,” Mejia said.

As the break comes to an end, delegates return to their committees, eager to continue their work toward finding solutions to global issues. From drafting resolutions to negotiating, the demands of COSMUN require dedicated effort and focus. Despite the challenges, the satisfaction of making a difference on a global scale drives these students to continue their hard work and commitment.

“At the end of the day, once we went back to the airport to go to Costa Rica, I could feel the exhaustion taking over me, yet it was not even close to the immense feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that COSMUN left in my heart,” Hitt said.