iPad Pro, revolunises technology


Luciano Fernandez, 11th grader at TCS, is a recent customer of the iPad Pro. Works efficiently during class, using the iPad´s adaptable keyboard.

Pedro Pablo Uribe , Discovery Staff Writter

The best Apple product yet, the  iPad Pro, comes with a whole new design. Innovating a design without a home button, where tactil gestures are the main function of this new iPad. Assimilating to the iPhone X, it is way more clean, newer, and far way more technological. Also having a new display, it creates a more beautiful resolution on the device. In comparison to the other iPads, the iPad Pro by far is the most complete iPad yet. We have the iPad Air, the iPad mini, and the regular iPad being all of them good quality apple products. Each of them with their own and unique trait, the iPad Air which is the lightest one, the iPad mini well it has a smaller size, and the regular iPad keeps everything simple, and lastly the iPad Pro that has it everything! In my opinion the iPad Pro is the a very special product, my favorite feature is the slimless and the cleanness it provides.

One of the biggest and most innovative functions this iPad Pro has, it’s display design is the cleanest ever seen, having the thinnest vessels possible having at the same time a front camera. Knowing that having this two features, thing vessel and a frontal camera is a complicated thing to do because normally for having a thinner vessel what creators do is take out the frontal camera. That’s the reason why we don’t see so much thin vessel devices. For most of the tech fanatics, the creation of a thin vessel device is very pretty to the eye, and having this iPad with both thin vessel and front camera is a very big asset. The iPad Pro comes in two different presentations, 11 inch display or the biggest yet, 12.9 inch display. This sizes make the iPad Pro different from every other iPad. The reason is that the size of this screens become very beneficial when the use of the apple pencil, making the purchase of the apple pencil a little more necessary. The other iPad not as near as good as this new iPad, the closest one will need to be the iPad Air, which has a quit significant smaller size. Which by the way is also compatible with the apple pencil. For me specially what makes the iPad Pro so special is the size. Having a 12.9 inch display on your hands is a undescritible pleasure. You can feel the mightiness in every touch. Also the size provides a very comfortable and handy work ability.

One of the biggest and unique functions this new iPad provides is the use of additional apple products like the apple pencil. The apple pencil is a very handy gadget for many of the uses the iPad Pro can do. For example for designers, is the perfect tool, they can create a whole variety of sketches really easily with all the different apps the store provides. Apps that were created for the use of this apple pencil, and designers take lots of juice out of it. Also people may say that the iPad Pro isnt as a strong as a laptop, but actually with the use of its special keyboard is even more powerful than most of the market laptops. Apple launched a gadget specially for some iPads, the apple pencil. This pencil has lots of uses in this Pro version of the iPad. One of them, and the most acclaimed use, is the ability to freely draw just like if you were painting on a canva. Most of the designers and illustrators are becoming users if this iPad Pro. As difference to other iPad, not all iPad versions are compatible with this apple pencil. Making the ones compatible unique. My personal opinion is that the use of the apple pencil makes having a iPad Pro a unique experience. Also by the use of the keyboard the iPad Pro work ability is no different than a computer.  And truly for me I will personally prefer to use a iPad than a laptop in most of the cases.

The only problem, and truly, the only problem I see on purchasing this new iPad Pro would be that the price. Normally as most of all the apple products price can be considered a kind of a issue. The iPad Pro has a similar cost to relatively expensive laptop, and much expensive than general laptops. In my opinion I think that buying a iPad Pro is totally worth it, knowing the many uses it has. Also the iPad Pro is a very complete device as in tech specs, and in the same time it has a very pretty design making it a twice a better device.