Who’s in our School?


Credits: Google Earth

Alejandro Gomez, Staff Writer

Limit in access control data in The Columbus School range from student access to guest database issues that don’t allow administration, staff, and security to know who’s walking around our campus and coming through our gates.  

For years, the school has been trying to find an effective way to control students, parents, and guests coming in daily or for special events such as COSMUN and Copa Columbus, but no solution has been found. Even though there are measures in place, they are not always reliable or efficient according to school administration.

We don’t have a detailed registration of everyone who is coming in because that would be a mess and complete chaos,” said Johan Ocampo, school extracurricular coordinator when asked about how the school manages access for major events.

Ocampo went on to talk about how doorman had to visually check who is in the car that’s coming in but, in order to speed up the process, they can’t be very meticulous on who is coming in and on how many people are in the car.  

“We send a list of the people that are coming to the event to our doormen and they have it there to try and sort of check who is in a car,” Ocampo said, regarding the process of access control in school. He then went on to mention, “We don’t have much information but we do have an idea of who is in school,” Ocampo exposed the current situation that the school is in right now and expressed his worries that the system could definitely be better than “the one in place” right now.

Although administration seems to be fine with the security measures in place right now, some TCS students forthrightly disagree.

“Handling access control with the piece of cardboard in the windshield is stupid and should not be used anymore. Access control and safety in school is a mess!” said Pedro Uribe TCS 11th grader who has been attending TCS for more than twelve years.