3 Sport Tournament, a New Idea


Sofia Gaviria, Valentina Garces, Ana Sofia Correa, Mariana Mesa, Juliana Mira, Paulina Alvarez, and Maria Camila Agudelo rest after a basketball game at Copa Marymount.

TCS finished third out of four teams in Copa Marymount 3 Sports Tournament, May 16-19 at Colegio Marymount.

Each school brought one team formed by girls to play three sports: basketball, soccer, and volleyball. The tournament lasted three days, each one dedicated to a different sport.

“The timing was a challenge because we had the matches without rest if we were not the hosts. So we had like one match and then another match and on and on, we didn’t have time in between to relax,” Ana Sofia Correa, Grade 10, said.

Eight girls from the soccer team participated, three from Grade 10, four from Grade 11, and one senior. The lack of variety of other sports players made it a challenge when playing volleyball and basketball. Other teams were formed with players from the 3 sports.

“So having to challenge me into playing the sports that I don’t usually do was very exciting. The only thing that I was kind of bummed out about is that the team only consisted of girls from the soccer team because teammates from other sports couldn’t join us,” Helena Hoyos, Grade 11, said.

The teams who participated, Colegio Cumbres, Marymount Junior, and Marymount Senior had been practicing the three sports for more than 6 months. On the other hand, TCS started the practice of basketball and volleyball two weeks before the tournament.

“We weren’t the best team. We did not prepare as the others, but I think that even though we lost we were able to build up as a team and get together and be stronger,” Correa said.

Monday the 16th girls played three basketball games and finished last. The TCS team didn’t have any basket techniques due to a lack of basketball players or coaches. Other teams had 1 or 2 basketball players, which could represent a disadvantage for TCS.

“On basketball, the referees were also cheering for us because we were really bad and they cheered when we made canasta. They were very helpful, they were telling us strategies to us and to the other teams like, on how to get better at the sport,” Sofia Gaviria, Grade 11, said.

On the 17th, TCS won two soccer games and lost 2-1 against Marymount Junior, but still made it to the finals. The 18th TCS won soccer by penalties against Marymount Junior.

“In their strong sport, the girls gave everything, they knew they had expectations from me and from the spectators. We came together as a team to win soccer.” Hernan Arango, coach, said.

Volleyball was played Thursday the 19th, TCS lost against both Marymount Teams but won against Colegio Cumbres. The results of the tournament ended up being first place for Marymount Junior, second place for Marymount Senior, and third place for TCS.

“It was hard to learn to play volleyball correctly without someone to guide us, the challenges were that we sometimes get frustrated that we didn’t know how to play because the other teams knew how to play and had people from volleyball. So that was a challenge,” Gaviria said.

Ideas like this tournament can be implemented in the TCS sports agenda for further years. Benefits can provide sports participation and diversity for students and athletes.

“We could implement this idea because TCS students practice all sports so they are capable of doing it. It is a tournament that helps a lot to unite students of all ages,” Arango said.