Wok House: Best Asian Cuisine in Medellín


Sara Ortega

Strawberry Miloja, served with hot arequipe sauce, is offered at the modern restaurant, Wok House, located in Provenza.

Sara Ortega, Copy Editor

Asian cuisine has become one of the most popular in the international gastronomic scene. Elegant restaurants are becoming more successful and new flavors are gaining recognition in cities like Medellín. Inaugurated on January 24, 2020, Wok house is a fresh asian cuisine restaurant located in Provenza. It offers one of the best dining experiences in the city, offering a wide variety of plates, unique flavors, quality ingredients, professional service, and location. 

Wok House has an extensive menu filled with plates that suit all types of tastes and diets, each with their own special touch. For example, the vegetables and tofu wok and vegetarian roll are some of the best vegetarian options offered. Unlike many other asian restaurants in Medellín, such as Asia, Wok House offers a mix of all the different parts that make up Asian cuisine; sushi rolls, poke bowls, tacos, woks, currys, banh- mi (sandwiches) and even pasta and salads. The menu is organized into three main parts: starters, main courses and desserts. Within the main courses it is easy to find each type of plate as everything is clearly labeled and separated. Tuna tacos and the dinamita shrimp starters are among the most demanded dishes, as well as the shrimp wok main course. In fact, ordering different starters to share among the table is an excellent idea. The menu also contains a delicious list of desserts that include: tempura banana, nutella and arequipe gyozas, strawberry miloja and oreo tempura. Given the variety and specialty of each plate, non- sophisticated plates like california or sake rolls are hard to find and therefore, building your own poke bowl is also an alternative. 

The restaurant’s food contains the perfect balance of flavors, high quality ingredients and appealing presentation. Each plate, regardless of its simplicity, contains special ingredients which makes them unique in comparison to those of restaurants like SR Wok and Sushi Market. For example, the Tenderloin wok is simply sauteed rice with vegetables and beef, a plate that is most likely to be found in many other restaurants. However, at Wok House, they incorporate an extraordinary oyster sauce and crispy leek, which make the taste reach another level. Similarly, Shrimp wok, a sautéed rice with shrimp in sake, salmon, hoisin sauce and crispy gyoza, is one of the signature plates. Likewise, the strawberry milhoja, a creamy dessert made up of strawberries wrapped in meringue and thin layers of puff pastry later covered in hot arequipe sauce, is unmissable. Prices range between 20 to 40 thousand pesos, a very reasonable amount for the quality of the ingredients and the generous portions of the main courses, which can be perfectly shared between two people. 

Located in Provenza, one of the most popular and well known streets in Medellín, the restaurant’s simplistic but refined decoration, the calm music and the outstanding service make the dining experience unforgettable. With comfortable tables and seats the restaurant has options for dining inside and outside where the fresh breeze and the view of the city streets makes the ambience extremely pleasing. In comparison to other elegant restaurants that offer innovative Asian food such as Cuon, also in the same area, Wok House has significantly lower prices and is perfect for dates, celebrations or dining with family. Parking however, is sometimes very hard to find and very expensive, with a cost of $8.000 for two hours. Therefore, walking is highly recommended. 

In my personal experience, since the arrival, the waiters were extremely welcoming and attentive, and we got seated immediately. The waiter wisely responded to all the questions we made about the dishes and periodically checked in with us after the food arrived, which took about 40 minutes. This might be a long time for many clients, especially when attending with kids. Therefore, ordering a few starters and sharing a main course may be a good idea. 

Wok House’s menu has plates for all tastes that please clients with high quality ingredients and sophisticated tastes. Exquisite food, professional service, aesthetically pleasing decoration, and the extensive menu are all reasons to visit this place more than once.