The Ride of Your Life: Need For Speed

Need For Speed, display image.

Need For Speed, display image.

Federico Escobar, Discoverer Staff

Do you want adrenaline? Do you want to have your mind blown by gorgeous graphics? Do you want to feel your heart beat fast for hours? Then you should get yourself a copy of Need For Speed for PS4. For the low price of $15, and originally released in 2015, this game has brought racing fans together across the gaming world. Remastered in 2018, the game is more action-packed than ever.

If you do not care for the things I just mentioned, then take the highway. But if you do like them, and you love cars and races, the experience will be unforgettable.

When I play Need For Speed, I feel as though I am part of Dom Toretto’s team in “Fast and the Furious.” The graphics are just that realistic. I can be transported to any part of the world, as if I were drifting in Tokyo or using nitro in LA. The cars are shimmering with the details you would expect from a car like a Lamborghini Aventador. To make everything even more lifelike, the game has an entire narrative that closely resembles a big-budget Hollywood movie. When compared with the graphics of other similar racing games, they do not stand a chance. Need For Speed beats them all by a mile.

When your experience with the game begins, you are given a car with the purpose of winning races. Each time you win a race you gain more money, and with it, you can start buying better cars and modifying your existing ones. With the experience you get from racing, you can start participating in new and more complex races. You better put your seatbelt on, because things will get far more complicated. If acquiring a car like a Ferrari is your goal, then you must be willing to work hard, because the game will not simply give it to you.

Let me paint a little picture. It is a Monday afternoon, you are bored as hell, and you have nothing to do. Suddenly, in the corner of your eye, you see an unused game beside your PlayStation gaming console. You say: let’s give it a try. Suddenly, it’s Tuesday morning and you have spent all night playing the game. It is just that addictive. There is not a single dull moment when you are enjoying this Electronic Arts-produced game. You cannot begin to imagine the fun you will have, and the thrills you will experience. Trust me on this one.

One thing I can certify is that you will always be challenged. The game has several levels that vary in difficulty, so that even the most advanced players can feel excitement and doubt. If you rapidly become a racing master, that does not mean that you have conquered the game. It just means that you are one step closer to the top.

The last reason why I would recommend this game is the sound quality. Need For Speed’s background music and the effects from the cars provide the game with tremendous balance, delighting your ears. You will feel completely connected with the races, because what is a racing game without the magnificent sound of a motor roaring?

As an avid video game player and a car fan I would say that Need For Speed is the perfect game. Needless to say I wholeheartedly recommend it. It is not a big investment for a product that will give you hours of fun, and no feeling compares to getting your dream car and beating other people with it.