The Best Shooter Game on the Market

This is the cover for the game

This is the cover for the game

Martin Gomez, Discoverer Staff Writer

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The game was released worldwide for Microsoft, PlayStation, and Xbox on December 1, 2015. The game works around environmental destruction and cooperation between players.

The game is known for being better than other shooter games because of its ability to create teamwork and competitivity. The game needs to be played with tactics that make the game much more interesting.

Rainbow Six Siege is known for being better than other shooter games such as Call of Duty because COD lost its originality when they continue with the same game but with different maps and guns, Rainbow Six Siege has been really successful because they change the gameplay every time a new operator is introduced in the game. Even though it adds new players and map everything changes, tactics included.  

The game works with 6 situations where the team has to work around to complete different tasks. To begin one of the situations is the hostage, where the attackers have to extract the hostage from the defenders by either killing them all or extracting the hostage before the time runs out. Another one is a bomb where attackers need to locate the bomb and plant a defuser. The attackers will win if the time runs out or will lose if the defenders have enough time to defuse. For the last multiplayer online game is a secure area, where attackers must locate the biohazard container and kill all defenders or secure the area. For practice, the game has a cooperative mode that can only be played by five people that must fight waves of enemies that are controlled by the game having the same objectives as online, bomb, secure area and hostage.

A lot of games have several modes that you can play inside the game. Battlefield is a really popular game that also has a bunch of modes that include: seek and destroy, domination, and killed confirmed but none of the playable modes has teamwork included, all the modes are just for the players to run around, instead of in rainbow six each unique mode needs a lot of teamwork and strategy.

The sound in this game is the best but it also depends on the headset you are using. The professional players use two headsets to hear everything because the sound in the game is very important. For players that only play for fun a normal headset is way better than normal earphones because of the sound resolution. The game has sound clues that help a lot of players find their rivals. Other games have such features but this game can have a sound that indicates that there are players in your back. Another really popular game, CSGO,  that has a massive player base has sound clues but are very basic and you cannot tell the differences between players. In Rainbow Six each character has a different gun and different abilities that the enemy players can find out who they are just by hearing.

Pro players in Rainbow Six Siege play for a lot of money. 8 teams battle for a price that is over  200,000 dollars, each team member winning an impressive amount. The first team wins 75,000 dollars that is divided into 6 players, the five players, and their coach. The teams are ranked based on their wins over the season and will battle in a map chosen by banns from each team until 1 is final. The final in the whole tournament is the best of three so 5 matches are played and it can last over 3 hours impressing the viewers with new tactics and impressive kills.