Sofía Cárdenas on ‘The Closing Doors’

Sofia Cardenas , 8th grader.

Date: February 19, 2021

Dear Editors,


The article that spoke out to me the most was ‘The Closing Doors,’ by Sofía Mora. I was most interested in this one because it is a topic and a situation that’s very close to us right now and although businesses closing down or being affected during the pandemic has happened to a lot of people, reading what the experience is like first-hand changed my whole perspective about the situation. 


I agree with the fact that good nutrition is vital to living a healthy life through nourishing both our mind and our body, as we are able to do more things and go on more adventures. I think that the writer’s opinion is clear, although more than showing her opinion, Mora is actually telling us her story. It is clear to me that her opinion is that it is important to take risks in order to fulfill your dreams and also work hard to achieve them, but also to know when it is time to close a chapter because when one door closes multiple other doors open. When this author closed her article by saying, “…but regrettably, we decided to close Olas Bowls three weeks ago, at the end of January 2021, after realizing that the effects of this crisis are far from over. It became entirely unsustainable for us to continue pursuing this dream,” it made my whole perspective change because even though I had seen many businesses having to shut down on the news, I was able to read a more personal experience that made me realize people kept working but the crisis had been so long many dreams have been lost. 


I believe that the only part that was a little repetitive was that she spent a lot of time talking about how hard the business was. Even though I think it is an important aspect, I would’ve liked that it wasn’t so repetitive, as I don’t believe it to be the main focus of the article. This story had clear arguments and she evidently showed that she believed you should pursue your dreams and not be afraid of failure. Finally, I want to applaud Sofia Mora for writing a very good article that was not only intriguing but also very well written. I would also like to congratulate her and her co-workers for creating such an innovative business and managing to keep working even through the pandemic. I was very impressed at how they were able to sustain a very well-done business at a young age. I was tremendously impressed by both the article and Olas Bowls, as well as Sofía herself.  



Sofía Cárdenas Roll