Servi Express Unexpected Bidding

Servi Express employees preparing breakfast for High School Students in The Columbus School upper cafeteria.

Servi Express employees preparing breakfast for High School Students in The Columbus School upper cafeteria.

Elisa Cuartas, Discoverer Staff Writer

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A survey was conducted on May 21 to determine if the Columbus School community is satisfied with the food and service offered by Servi Express who run the two cafeterias on campus.

After 6 years, TCS needs to decide if they will renew Servi Express contract or search for a new provider. The initial results of the survey showed that most customers are happy with the current service.

“The contract with Servi Express renews every year. This is a transparent process to revise conditions with Servi Express and other entities,” Ellen Yepes, TCS Business Manager, said.

Five other entities are applying to the selection process. Stakeholders like Board of Directors, STUCCO and ASOPAF all share responsibility for this decision to ensure a healthy cuisine and reasonable prices for students.

“The school is considering opening the bidding for anyone, because it’s usually a good practice in big intenties like school. It’s just a good way of saying they are not limited to just the one,” Alejandro Gomez, 11th Grade STUCO, said.

The decision is currently under revision, so no changes are expected yet. A final decision will be announced before the school year ends. TCS community clearly supports Servi Express because according to the survey 72% of the students voted in favor of this service operator.

“In regards to the satisfaction evaluations and surveys, we’ve received excellence responses in client service. Their are small details to improve but still our service is qualified as outstanding,” Bibiana Caro, Cafeteria Administrator, said.

Servi Express serves daily lunches to 323 students. Elementary school students were concerned with the variety provided, although this inconvenience was immediately solved by complementing the menu with new products.

“Daily, elementary school students have access to two meals, the daily menu and another selected dish. On Thursdays they have three options including the daily manu and other two options,” Caro said.

Servi Express hasn’t received any particular concerns from parents nor students requesting major changes. The cafeteria has done exceptionally well in internal and external audits and their have been no problems with food preparation of food borne illnesses.

“I think it’s a ridiculous idea (to change cafeteria providers) because we finally found a cafeteria most of the people like since the food is amazing. Everybody wants to have a ficho so they can eat every day in the cafeteria,” Valeria Ochoa, 11th Grade Student, said.