Los Perros del Mono: A Hidden Gem of Flavorful Delights


Los Perros del Mono, Av. Las Palmas #23, Vda. El Penasco, Envigado, Antioquia 

Los Perros del Mono is a small, unassuming food truck-style restaurant that packs a punch with its delicious offerings. Located on Via las Palmas, this fairly new gem is a must-visit for foodies seeking an affordable and satisfying meal. The star of the show at Los Perros del Mono are the mini-dogs: small, flavor-packed hot dogs that come in three delightful variations. From classic to creative. The friendly and laid-back atmosphere adds to the charm of this cozy eatery, making it a popular spot for locals and visitors.

Los Perros del Mono has a vibrant and eclectic ambiance that perfectly complements its flavorful menu. The small size of the restaurant, reminiscent of a food truck, creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere that feels welcoming to customers. The upbeat Latin music that fills the air creates an energizing backdrop that is perfect for savoring the delicious mini-dogs. The casual and friendly atmosphere makes it a great place to gather with friends for a quick and satisfying meal, or even for a solo lunch break to indulge in some tasty bites. The only downside would be the location; it gets insanely cold at night, so bring a jacket.

Los Perros del Mono prides itself on its friendly and accommodating service, which matches the welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant. The staff members are courteous, helpful, and happy to answer any questions about the menu. Additionally, the food is presented in an eye-catching way, despite being served in simple boxes that vary in size depending on the number of mini dogs ordered. However, due to the popularity of the restaurant, it is not uncommon to find long lines of customers waiting to place their orders or pick up their food. While this can be frustrating, it speaks to the deliciousness of the food and the popularity of the restaurant.

The menu at Los Perros del Mono features a concise yet tantalizing selection of mini dogs that caters to different tastes and preferences. Each mini dog is crafted with care, resulting in delicious and satisfying bites. The Modelo 2018 mini dog comes with ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Pineapple sauce, chopped onions, Avocado and shoestring potatoes, this hot dog would get a 10/10, my personal favorite, a classic combination you can’t go wrong with. The Modelo 2019 has puerro caramelizado, chipotle sauce and avocado. This one is also a very good choice, it would get a 9/10. Lastly the Modelo 2020 which has Punta de Anca, cheddar cheese and crushed nachos on the top. This one I’ve never tried, I just don’t think it looks appetizing, but people that have it regularly say they love it. There really is something for everyone. The drink choice is quite small, offering only CocaCola, water or a flavored soda. The variety of mini dogs available ensures that there is something for everyone, and the affordability of the menu makes it easy to try several different options without breaking the bank, with a cost range of 5,000-6,000 pesos.

Los Perros del Mono can be compared with Los Perritos Gourmet, both being small restaurants that specialize in mini dogs, but they differ in several key ways. While Los Perros del Mono offers a more limited menu of mini dogs, they focus on creating classic and flavorful combinations that are both delicious and affordable. In contrast, Los Perritos Gourmet offers a wider range of mini dogs that feature unique ingredients that result in a more upscale and expensive dining experience. Additionally, Los Perritos Gourmet offers a wider variety of sides, hamburgers, sushi, grilled fish, ceviches, japanese rice, baos and much more, making it a more comprehensive dining experience. However, despite their differences, both restaurants share a commitment to quality and creativity, ensuring that customers enjoy a tasty and memorable meal. Both restaurants’ ambiances are pretty much the same, a small street restaurant where you sit and eat on the sidewalk. Ultimately, the choice between the two restaurants will depend on personal preferences, budget, and the type of dining experience one is seeking.

Los Perros del Mono is a charming and lively restaurant that offers a delicious and affordable dining experience. Despite its small size and food truck-like appearance, Los Perros del Mono has a vibrant and playful ambiance that is perfect for enjoying the restaurant’s specialty mini-dogs. The staff members are friendly and accommodating, and the food is presented creatively in a simple yet functional box. While the menu is more limited than some other mini dog restaurants, the inventive and flavorful combinations ensure that there is something for everyone.

Overall, Los Perros del Mono offers a fun and casual dining experience that is perfect for a quick and satisfying meal with friends or even for a solo lunch break. While the long lines can be frustrating at times, they are a testament to the restaurant’s popularity and the quality of its food. Whether you are a fan of classic mini dogs or are looking for something more unique, Los Perros del Mono is a must-visit destination for food lovers.