Is Netflix Still The Streaming Giant?


Los Andes

Since its release four years ago, Amazon Prime Video has managed to reduce the difference in subscribers with Netflix to around 50 million. The number may still be large, but the competition is spicier than ever.

Nicolás Escobar , Marketing Manager

Recent years have marked a drastic change in the world of entertainment. It wasn’t long ago when people still rented movies at their local Blockbuster’s or exchanged CDs with their friends and acquaintances. The world of entertainment has given a 180-degree turn. Nowadays, people have access to thousands of titles, all within the commodity of their couch. The rise of streaming titans, such as Netflix, has revolutionized the world of entertainment, as Apple did with phones, Coca Cola with sodas, or even Nike with Sports. However, each of these companies has a big contender, and Netflix is no exception. 

Long gone are the days in which this single enterprise controlled the entertainment market. Ever since the birth of strong rivals such as Amazon Prime Video, competition has been at its peak for the platform. Apart from being well received by the people, Prime Video also managed to label itself as a top tier streaming platform. However, if what you want is to make the most from your buck, Netflix is definitively the right choice. 

The most influential factor when deciding on which of these services to acquire is the price, and thankfully, both Prime Video and Netflix do a great job when making their prices accessible. Netflix offers three different subscriptions that range from 16,900 to 38,900 COP per month. The basic plan allows the user to enjoy their service on one device, with a quality of 480p. The standard plan allows the user to have up to 2 devices and an HD quality of 1080p. Finally, the premium plan, that allows up to 4 screens with definitions up to 4k, Ultra HD, etc. On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video offers one single offer that costs 14,900 COP, and allows you to have 3 devices at the same time, all with a quality almost equivalent to Netflix’s standard plan.

Content is something that cannot go unnoticed when making this decision because, leaving the prices aside, content is the initial reason why we want to subscribe to these services. In Colombia alone, Netflix offers around 1350 series and 2932 movies, including some of the most prestigious and recognized titles such as Rocky, Mission: Impossible, Inglourious Basterds, The Godfather, etc. On the other hand, according to, Amazon Prime Video has approximately 1500 titles, including series, movies, and documentaries. Nevertheless, as is the case with Netflix, Prime also offers highly acclaimed titles such as Jaws, Back to the Future, John Wick, etc. 

At first glance, both services may seem quite similar. However, the original productions cannot be left aside. For about 4 years now, Netflix has been investing in original productions, and they have certainly done things well. The release of titles such as Stranger Things, La Casa de Papel, Peaky Blinders, and The Umbrella Academy has attracted lots of attention worldwide. Prime Video has also produced originals such as The Boys, Jack Ryan, and Utopia, but contrary to Netflix, we can say Prime’s moment is yet to come.    

There are details that many overlook when choosing a streaming service. Netflix comes with features such as “Coming to Netflix”, which allows the customer to know beforehand what is soon to arrive at the platform, as well as the “Leaving Netflix” that notifies viewers of the titles being removed. On the other hand, in Prime Video there’s no such thing yet. Advertisements are also an important point to consider. On Netflix, you will never see a single advertisement, whereas Amazon will often throw one or two ads. 

Both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are great streaming services. No matter what your choice is, I can guarantee that your money will be spent wisely. Amazon Prime Video has been crushing it lately, but arguably, Netflix is still the streaming giant. The overall quality and simplicity of its platform, with the opportunity to discover countless new content ensures it is a great way to enjoy thousands of titles.