Chairpersons selected for COSMUN 2022


Senior T. Tobón will be one of the twenty-four presidents for the upcoming edition of COSMUN.

The directive committee for the twenty-third edition of COSMUN was announced September 6 after hours of work and an extensive selection process. 

COSMUN XXIII will be made up of 12 committees and 24 presidents and vice presidents, all of who are currently crafting and choosing the themes of their respective committees. However, the General Secretary of the model has expressed optimism regarding the strengths and capabilities of the nominees. 

“This year we received fewer applications than what we’ve had in previous years; however, we did have great candidates and are very happy with the result,” Sofia Valencia, COSMUN XXIII General Secretary, said. 

Unsurprisingly, fewer applications also meant fewer Seniors as prospective committee chairs. However, grade level diversity among presidents is not a concern for the model’s directives, but is instead a pleasant surprise.  

“When you are choosing a directive chair what you’re looking for is a combination of people who experience, and people who don’t have as much but are passionate. This year we have both,” Santiago Villegas, General Sub-Secretary, said. 

Everything suggests that the fact that there are more people from different grade levels presiding may result in a larger number of participants both taking part in the event, or filling the committees.

“Personally I have never participated in COSMUN, however, I know some of my friends will be presiding, and that might make me want to join the event,” Daniel Ochoa, Senior, said.