Broken Bone Leaves Sophia Barrientos out of National Tournament


Photo provided by: Sophia Barrientos

The Selección Antioquia team preparing for a match against Cauca where Sophia Barrientos was injured.

Simon Murillo, Discoverer Staff writer

A broken collarbone left TCS 10th grader Sophia Barrientos unable to play with Seleccion Antioquia in the finals of the national tournament of categoria pre juvenil, the female soccer league. 

Barrientos 15, a forward, was injured on November 1st on the nationals tournament in Barranquilla. She was playing an important match against, “Atlantico” in a game which qualified Seleccion Antioquia for the national semi-finals. Barrientos was injured after being knocked over by a defender.

“They were ending the first half, and she had the ball and a bigger girl collided with her. She fell right on her shoulder,” Duyen Davis, Barrientos’ mother and TCS Elementary Counselor, said. 

According to Juliana Mira a teammate, The hardness of the and the way the playing field was made was also a factor in Barrientos’ Injury.

 “She told me the field was made of cement and of synthetic grass on top, so it was really hard. That was one of the main reasons why broke her collar bone,” Mira, Sophia’s best friend, said. 

Barrientos had to wait about 2 hours for the x-ray results and find out that her injury was a fracture, therefore her parents had to come that night to take care of the situation.

“ At 6 oclock they still hadn’t taken the x-rays, meanwhile we just needed to find a way to get to Barranquilla because we had to bring her home,” Davis said. 

It was a long tournament it was composed of 10 teams and two groups, Barrientos could only play a total of 4 matches before she got injured on the match against Atlantico. 

“The tournament was composed of two groups of 5 teams Group A, were Antioquia was playing; which is Sophia’s team was: Antioquia, Cauca, Boyaca, Atlantico and santander, she played 4 games before she got injured,” Mira, said.

Barrientos had to pretend as if she wasn’t hurt when they returned to Medellin  she had to take medicin to be able to withstand the pain and successfully pass through security at both airports and because of the long weekend ahead she had to wait a long time for surgery. 

“She had to pretend not to be hurt going through security, once we got to the plane she was ok, it was about 45 minutes, we got here and went straight to campestre. so it was a long weekend so she had to wait for the long weekend for the surgery on tuesday, “ Davis said.

Barrientos now has to wait and see what this injury would do to her future career, According to doctors, generally a collar bone heals within 4 to 8 weeks, but doctors don’t know for sure when she can play again because of her age and the fact that she is still growing. 

“This can affect my soccer career in the future and now, because I would be at least a month out of the playing field and without training, because my bodie is still growing it means that later on I would need surgery to remove the screws and the metal rod, this can take me out of the fields for some more time,” Barrientos said.