Bose QC 35 Series II: Reliable Sound for a Price


Federico Jaramillo

In the modern headphone market, there are hundreds of noise canceling where their prices range between 60-1000 dollars or more. Bose Achieve a great noise cancellation with their latest QC 35 Series II, using new technologies where they release opposing signals that will reduce noise.

Noise Cancellation

They have an incorporated microphone that measures the ambient sounds and makes the speakers inside the headphones fight it back, they release a waveform that carries the exact negative sound. They clear the noise in such a perfect level that allows you to get deeper into the music you are listening to.

If the noise canceling from the QC 35II is directly compared with the Sony WH-1000XM3 noise isolation mathematically there is a slight difference. Well the noise they can cancel is graded in decibels and it is said that the sony can cancel lower decibels easier than higher, while the QC 35 II can cancel at the same lower decibels and can also cancel at higher decibels.

Probably the best noise cancellation is the market up to date. With the new Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II, they are offering a quiet space for you, someplace where you enjoy your music with no interruptions. It gives you the chance to focus on what you truly want.

Battery Life

The QC 35 II offers a long battery life, well they work with Bluetooth connection or can also work with an AUX cord. It depends on the use you provide, well if you use them with the AUX cord they will provide a 40-hour battery life. Otherwise, if the user goes only with Bluetooth the headset will have 20-hour battery life.

Sony also offers a long-lasting battery life pretty similar to the QC 35 II. The WH-1000XM3 will offer a 30-hour battery life. It can last longer than the QC 35, I would argue that more battery life is not needed to that extent well even with the 20 hours that the Bose offer seems more than enough.  

It is truly incredible well you can go for multiple weeks of use and the battery will keep on working. I use them only with Bluetooth and I give them a daily use and the battery life will last up to two weeks. It is truly satisfying the way the battery life works well they will go for days with no issues this way you will never end up with no music. Keep the music or the quiet.

Voice Assistant

Bose has decided to include a new feature in their latest Quiet comfort 35 II well this time they have included Voice assistants, where the user can decide whether to use Amazons Alexa or Google Assistant. This way you will have information wherever you go just in the touch of a button. Or you can organize your day in moments, all with your voice. Even better if you don’t desire this with your headphones you can use this action button to adjust the level of noise cancellation to your desires.

Sony also offers the exact same assistant, well it offers Alexa and also offers Google assistant. Everything is very similar, ask a question and it will follow the command, it truly narrows down to which has the better hand over a microphone that will allow those commands to be understood easier.

I have not experienced as much with the google assistant or the Amazons’ Alexa, but I have used the button to adjust the noise canceling, and I will say it is marvelous well with the older series you had to pull out your phone to make this change and this just makes it much easier and increases the comfortability that is offered by Bose.


Well, they will truly feel expensive when you have to pay 350 dollars for some overhead headphones. They both have a very high price the sony you can buy for a price of 350. When they are compared to the direct competition they have the same price so they are truly not that expensive. When you think over the aspect they offer you can say that they are not that expensive given all the factors.


Honestly, there is no big Difference between those headphones well they are technically the same software and same performance. The only Issue I would have with both of those headphones is the price, they have the exact same price, and they are very expensive. If you truly desire those headphones you should really think this over and Bose offers a bigger opening on color choice.