Angel Bernal leads by example


Staff Photo

Photo of Angel Bernal from the Senior 2023 yearbook.

14 years, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week bringing smiles and creative ideas to his peers with the goatee beard and big ears that identifies him. He is famous on campus for being loud, innovative, and a big influence on many. 

As far as he remembers, Bernal, Class of ’23 has tried to help people no matter who they are. A natural leader and his actions have an impact on the people who surround him. Besides being a leader in school, Angel is also an entrepreneur. He uses his leadership skills on his social media brand “Paradise Medellin”

Angel understands the weight of his responsibility and takes it very seriously. He knows that his actions and words can profoundly impact those around him, and he strives passive voice misuse in the lives of others. He believes that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness, respect, and dignity, regardless of their background or circumstances.

“Angel is a person who has very good vibes and energy. His energy is transferred to others as he can be with anyone at any time. He doesn’t have to be your closest friend in order for you to go up to him and talk, whether it is in the school hallways or at a party,” Senior Maria Hinestroza said. 

However, Angel is also aware that he is not perfect, and that he has made mistakes in the past. He knows that being a good leader means being willing to acknowledge and learn from these mistakes, and he is always striving to improve himself and his abilities. He believes that true leadership is about being humble, open-minded, and willing to listen to others.

“For many, he is considered a leader as he is someone that will always support you, and guide you no matter your circumstances.” According to Hinestroza, “Aside from being a close friend, Angel has also helped this year with lots of our Senior activities bringing always a good attitude and positive feedback.”

Life According to Angel Bernal

What motivates you every day?

“One of my biggest motivations that I have is myself, I try to push my standards to the fullest in order to let the best out of me. My family also helps me become a better person, giving me recommendations and tips on how I should be around others. With this, I can grow ethically and morally to help myself and my family.”

Who inspires you?

“Arthur Schopenhauer German philosopher is a person who inspires me as I agree with some of his ideas on how the world should be.  He talks about how some beings are destined to endure great suffering and struggle without any ultimate purpose or justification, leading to the belief that life is not truly worth living. Besides this, I think he was a really intelligent man, who had respect from lots of people which also inspires me to be this way.” 

Do you consider yourself a leader why or why not?

“I consider myself a really good leader because of some of the capacities I have to read other people. This means that I am able to understand what a person is going through and help the through the tough moment. Not only this, but I think my personality also has an impact on why some people follow me and listen to my ideas”

When you think of a leader what do you think of?

“When thinking of a leader, I think of the word motivation. A leader who uses motivation as a tool is someone who is able to inspire and encourage others to succeed. They are passionate, empathetic, and committed to helping the people that surround them in order for the to reach their full potential.”

What is something you can’t leave your house without?

“I think of myself as a non-materialistic person. I am not a person who is very attached to material things. I think that with just my mind I leave my house prepared to help people and contribute one more grain of sand to the world.”

If you could magically send a message to the entire world, what would it be?

“Live life to your fullest like there is no tomorrow. Don’t let others decide what you what to do or try, be yourself, and make your own decisions in order for you to know yourself better and really live your life like you want. Judgment and opinion from other people only neglect you from achieving your full potential and living your life happily.”