The Dyson Supersonic, Expensive, but Worth it


Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, contains multiple options for multiple hairs.

Manuela Molina, Discoverer Staff Writer

Dyson hair dryer is one of the first hair dryers in the industry that has advanced technology. Unlike any other hair dryer, the Dyson hair dryer consists of low sound emission, advanced hair technology, and incredible design. This product is manufactured by the famous British company Dyson, the company focuses on the making of vacuums but made this product to stan out in the beauty industry. This hair dryer is worth having, it provides the best quality and takes care of your hair. Once the product is in your possession there is no comparison with other hair dryers.

The Dyson hair dryer is a stick based hair dryer with an ending of a perfect cylinder (washer) shaped head. At the bottom of the hairdryer are located the holes on which the air comes through and the motor. At the top of the hair dryer, in the cylinder, there are the controls on which the air temperature and pressure are modified. Furthermore, this hair dryer comes in a variety of colors such as silver-pink, gold-blue, silver-purple and grey-silver.

According to Akin Konizi, four-time winner of British Hairdresser of the  Year, even though the dryer looks different, when you use it, the differences in performance become apparent. Other hair dryers are stick based as the Dyson hair dryer but have an arm anche, the upper long part of hairdryers, at the end of this arm anche there are holes on which the air flows. The hair dryer controls are usually located on the handle.

Dyson hair dryer weights only 618g and it is very light for the arm so it does not get tired of the hair drying movement. A conventional hair dryer weights about  907.185g or a little bit more, which after several minutes causes tiredness. The design of the Dyson hair dryer is with no doubt the best in the market. Not only having a futuristic view, but the controls and design are also the best. Conventional hair dryers don’t have this kind of design since they are just plain and don’t even come in a variety of colors such as the Dyson hair dryer.

To solve annoying sound emission, Dyson employed a crew of aero-acoustic engineers to make it quieter than the average ear-piercing hairdryer. “By giving the motor impeller 13 blades instead of the usual 11, Dyson engineers pushed one tone to a sound frequency of the audible range for humans it helped to reduce the sound and tone emitted,” the company said.  The sound emission of the hairdryer is minimum since Dyson Supersonic is just 27mm and spins at 110,000 rpm. This motor spins faster than the others. For other hair dryers, a conventional motor is big, heavy and only spins at 30,000 rpm (a lower rate than the Dyson Supersonic). This causes more sound emission which is generally very loud and uncomfortable.

The powerful Dyson digital motor V9 combined with Air Multiplier™ technology produces a high-velocity jet of controlled air, for fast drying and precision styling,” Dyson company said. The dryer has “air multipler technology”, which means that it blows in 13 liters of air per second through the handle and out, then it blasts 41 liters per second to the hair. With this precise engineering, the dryer can be lighter and smaller so it can have no arm ache. To add on, the dryer consists of a temperature check, allowing the air to be at a constant temperature so your hair doesn’t damage. This system checks the air every 20 seconds to make sure it does not overheat, additionally, there are four heat settings to chose. Other hair dryers have technology on which they can change the pressure but the Dyson hair dryer comes with much more technology and with the care of your hair.  Other hair dryers do not specify, these dryers are not suitable for long, curly or too frizzy hair types. These are not safe and its metallic coil doesn’t work for a long time.

Not only this product has three magnetic styling tools but there are many more accessories that can be bought. Other hair dryers don’t assure this type of quality since they can be very cheap and very low quality and most don’t have a guarantee. The Dyson hair dryer takes a win again and assures 1 year of guarantee.

Talking of price, the Dyson hair dryer is expensive since it costs $399.99 dollars and depending on the location, add the shipping. Conventional hair dryers are inexpensive because of its metallic heating coil and lack of technology. These hair dryers have a wide price tag since most are from the prices of 20-140 dollars. Even though other hair dryers are more affordable, at the end of the day it will cost more due to hair damage and lower lifespan.

Dyson hair dryer is a product worthy of buying; it is worth every penny. Its effectiveness and quality don’t compare with other conventional hair dryers. Innovative technology takes our society further with even a simple product as a hairdryer. You will feel the difference, a healthy hair and a comfortable way of drying it.