Bluetooth Headphones – Apple vs. Bose

Here we can see Benjamin Vergnaud using a pair of Apple Airpods.

Here we can see Benjamin Vergnaud using a pair of Apple Airpods.

Pedro Pablo Uribe , Discoverer Staff Writer

Despite to all the stats and critiques in all the different bluetooth headphones, There are two different headphones that stand out from the bunch. The Apple Airpods and the Bose SoundSport Free. Both devices consist with a very similar concept of bluetooth wireless headphones. The two of them totally independent and wireless, have a charging case where you rest them while you don’t use them and their battery is charged. Even though both of them have a similar design, they both have very different specs such as, their battery life, portability, design, and sound quality.

The Apple Airpods have a charging case which provides more battery to the Airpods if needed. But the Airpods by itself with a single full charge have up to 5 hours of listening time and up to 2 hours of talking time. And just by resting the Airpods 15 minutes in the case it will provide an additional 3 hours of listening time and over a hour of talking time. Also if the user has the charging chase completely charged the user will have a 24 hours more of usage. Comparing the Apple Airpods with the Bose Soundsport Free, it’s a fairly similar competition, The Bose consist of the same method of use. Having a wireless headphones with a charging case. With a full charge the headphones by itself will last up to 5 hours, and having the charging case fully charged will provide 10 hours more of battery life. Also they will take 2 hours to have a complete charge. I personally think that the Apple Airpods will be a better choice knowing that they have a very flexible and better battery life compared to the competition. Certainly the Apple Airpods have more durability that will last you all day.

The Apple Airpods sound quality is not very good, that sound being very similar to the Apple earpods that come with the iPhone. Even if it provides a good sound quality it is still not the best. Meanwhile the Bose SoundSport free wireless earphones have a very impressive sound quality, which is much better than the airpods. They are sweatproof and waterproof, facilitating the use when exercising, something the Airpods don’t have. This bluetooth headphones are more resistant than the Airpods and have much better sound quality. With that said in my opinion the Airpods don’t sound bad, they have a decent sound quality.

In terms of portability, the Apple Airpods and the Bose SoundSport free are pretty much the same thing. Both of them consist of the charging case and completely wireless earphones. Making both of them really portable. In my opinion the shape of the Bose SoundSport free is not that sleek and comfortable, meaning that the Apple Airpods have a more portable and pleasing design. The Bose is very big and their charging case is more like a tube, bigger than the Apple design. Different to the Airpods that have a very portable and pleasing charging case and as well as the earphones, with a more adequate design.

The Apple Airpods, have a very unique design. Knowing that they stick to the old design of the earphones that come with the iPhone. They just created a earphone without a cable, wireless earphone. The visual design of the Airpods is very enjoyable, and comfortable. As well as the charging case, which is very portable due to its size and shape, making it a product you actually want to buy. The Bose “Airpods” have a more rustic design, meaning that they don’t have such a sleek and clean design as the actual Airpods. The Bose earphones have a very big size for your ear, the charging case is much bigger, and it has a very unusual shape, making not that handy. For example putting this case into your pocket will immediately create a bump in your pocket, creating a sense of inconvenience. Having both designs in count, I would definitely prefer the Apple Airpods, due to their clean and smooth design. I will say that it’s just the most adequate design making them very handy. One of the biggest reasons why you should actually prefer the Airpods than the Bose.

People who prefer having bluetooth headphones that sound better but has less portable and comfortable presentation, with a better sound quality will buy the Bose SoundSport free. In the other hand if you prefer having a more clean and comfy bluetooth headphones that have a good sound quality you will prefer the Apple Airpods. In my opinion I will not buy the Bose, because I don’t like how the Bose bluetooth headphones fit in, but I will definitely buy the Apple because they have a very sleek design and they provide a good enough sound quality.